Useful Tips

Some, but not all, databases provide full-text articles.

If the database does not provide full-text, but does give you a citation, take down the full article citation. Then, go back to the library catalog and search for the title of the journal the article appears in. The catalog will indicate which issues of the journal Cornell holds in both print and electronic forms. The full text of the article may be available through a different database.

For more precise searching, search databases individually.

Finding Articles in Databases

1. Search a Specific Database

For more precise article searching, you can search databases individually by clicking on "Databases" on the Library Home Page under the search box, then select the subject area(s) that best fit your research topic. Clicking on "Databases" brings up a list of databases under general subject areas and also provides a link to the A-Z database list.

2. Alternatively, you can search a number of databases at the same time using the text box that appears when you click "Articles & Full Text."

This feature allows you to perform a simple search across multiple databases. You can also limit your search to certain discipline or subject-specific databases by clicking on "Advanced" under the search box.  On the "Advanced" search page, you can narrow down your search further using the search limit options below the list of disciplines.

Recommended Article Databases & Indexes

Serial indexes (databases) identify and locate articles published in magazines, journals and newspapers. Many databases also index essays, book chapters and full monographs.

Some databases provide the complete article online (full-text). When full-text articles are not provided, click on the Get it! Cornell link to determine if the library owns or provides access to the title you need, or copy the title and search the Library Catalog directly for the book or journal title.

The Echols Collection on Southeast Asia website provides a list of electronic resources with significant Southeast Asia content. Please check that site for Southeast Asia specific databases that may not be listed on the more general database and article pages accessed through the Library home page.

Tips: Finding Articles

When searching for articles on subjects in Asian Studies or on specific Asian countries it's best to cast your net wide and not limit yourself to one or two databases or journals.  Articles can often be found in unexpected places.  Explore many databases to begin with, then narrow your search down to those that seem the most promising.