First Tip: Search a country name as author

  1. Go directly to the library catalog:
  2. Enter the name of the country and use the pull-down menu to select [Author] or [Author-Browse (A-Z) Sorted by name]. This will find publications published by various departments or agencies of the country.
  3. Under "Limit Your Search," select journal (to find annual publications of the government), or microform, or archival.

Second Tip: Use secondary sources

Use a secondary source to identify the title of a document series and search by title.

Note: Sometimes knowing the official name of the document series can be very useful. This guide on National and International Government Publications, from the British Library, is a great place to start. See, especially, the pdf document that accompanies the web page.

Once you have the document series title, you can ...

  • Search the Cornell library catalog by title
  • Search Worldcat (a union catalog of library holdings, worldwide) by title. Note: Print document collections generally won't circulate. Look for the "microform" format to find sets that might be available via Interlibrary Loan.

Third tip: Add "document" to a keyword search

Add the term document to a general keyword search.

This isn't fail-proof, but can often reveal some interesting finds.

great britain colonies document