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  • The easiest way to find articles is to use the Articles & Full Text option on the library homepage.
  • A more precise way to search for articles is to select and browse Databases on the library homepage, especially those recommended in this and other library guides.
  • In the databases, choose the advanced or guided searches (usually 3 lines) to help you correctly format your search.
  • Use OR between your search terms to broaden the search to include any of the terms. 
  • Use AND between your search terms to narrow the search to include all the terms.
  • Find full text within the databases in html or pdf format.
  • Use the GetIt!Cornell to link to full text found outside of the database.
  • Ask a Librarian if you need further help!  

Top Article Sources

Suggested Keywords

As disability studies continues to be highly medicalized, you may need to use medical terms or consult materials focused on medical treatments, especially with older materials. It's helpful to search using the most specific terms as is relevant to your research; for example, search "Autism Spectrum" instead of "people with disabilities." You might also need to use outdated or offensive terms, depending on the time period of your search. 


Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

Autistic People -- Employment

Autistic People -- Vocational Guidance

Autism Spectrum Disorders -- Patients -- Employment

Blind -- Economic Conditions


Developmental disabilities

Disabilities and society

Disabled persons

Disability studies

Disabilities -- social aspects

Discrimination against people with disabilities

Discrimination -- laws and legislation




Learning disabilities

People with disabilities -- employment, civil rights, medical care

People with disabilities -- legal status, laws, etc.

Sociology of disabilities