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Historically, early works on Nubian Studies in the library trickled in with other collections dealing with Egypt or Sudan and were chiefly on history, philology, and linguistics. Book material in Nubian languages, which have become threatened vernaculars in the twentieth century or so, are particularly hard to locate and acquire. There certainly is a wealth of secondary source writing about the languages but limited availability of original primary and non-academic literature source material such as poetry, short stories, or novels, including in non-print format such as video and sound recordings.

If you want to explore more on this topic, your first point of contact with these resources should be the library discovery tool (online catalog). To search in the Library catalog for scholarly and popular resources centering on Nubian is to use a key-word search or subject headings such as:  Nubian languages > Dialects / Nubian languages > Conversation and phrase books  / Nubia > History / Nubians > History Nubia > Social life and customs / Nubia > Economic conditions   / etc. These will bring up materials in all languages, although fiction often will not have subject headings. For more detailed instructions on searching for non-English materials, ask the Curator  [].

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