Mann Library's Online Exhibitions

Backyard Revival - American Heritage Poultry Virtual ExhibitMann Library virtual exhibits showcase individual items and themes from our rare and distinct (RAD) collections. They provide useful windows into our collections and can be particularly valuable in a classroom context. Some examples include:

> A Buzz about Bees: Four Hundred Years of Bees and Beekeeping, featuring books from our Phillips Beekeeping Collection

> Backyard Revival: American Heritage Poultry, featuring books from our Rice Poultry Collection

> Written in Petals: The Language of Flowers in Victorian Europe, featuring books from our Language of Flowers collection

> Apples to Cider: An Old Industry Takes New Root, featuring books about apples, pomology, and cider making from our collections

The Spinning Yarns

The Spinning Yarns: Stories of Textiles from CUL’s Rare Collections including Mann Library’s Lace Collection

Spinning Yarns Webinar

Uncover stories of textiles as told through Cornell’s Rare and Distinctive (RAD) Collections and its RAD curators! In this Cornell University Library webinar curators explore the history of textiles and fashion to weave together compelling themes and narratives across our collections. Presentations reveal the universal nature of textiles and fashion - spanning cultures and history to tell the story of those who made them, used them, and collected them.

Historical Perspectives on Social Activism from CUL Rare and Distinctive collections

Buckle up for a historical dive into social justice activism as told through Cornell’s Rare and Distinctive (RAD) Collections and its RAD curators! From the early Depression era through the Modern Civil Rights Movement, curators reveal the collections that tell important stories of social justice activism on East Hill and across the United States. Hearing about an array of movements side by side allows discussion of some of the connections between them. Presentations followed by a Q&A session.


Deborah Cooper, Digital & Special Collections Librarian, Mann Library

Daniel McKee, Adjunct Assistant Professor and Japanese Bibliographer, Carl A. Kroch Library

Steven Calco, Research Archivist, Kheel Center for Labor-Management Documentation & Archives

Brenda Martson, Curator of the Human Sexuality Collection, Division of Rare and Manuscript Collections

Eric Acree, Director, John Henrik Clarke Africana Library; Curator, Africana Collections, Division of Rare and Manuscript Collections

Treasures from the Vault

Treasures Revealed: A Tour of the Rare and Distinctive Collections in Mann Library’s Vault

Treasures Revealed Virtual TourMann Library is home to an amazing trove of rare and one-of-a-kind items, ranging from the earliest English language guidebooks on beekeeping to lushly colored monthly magazines that shaped the cultural and social ideals of modern America. These items bookend a rare and distinctive collection unlike any you've seen before. Pre-recorded and offered as an asynchronous program during Cornell’s all-online Reunion 2021, this virtual tour offers a first-ever behind the scenes look at the unique, the unusual, and the just plain WOW! found in Mann Library's special collections vault. You will come away enchanted and a little bit more informed about the many, sometimes surprising ways that our library resources support deep research in the life sciences and human ecology disciplines.