Browsing new books

If you would like to browse new books and other new materials that have been added to the library collection, see below for some tips on using the Date Acquired filter.

COVID-19 Note:  Since March 15, 2020, ordering and processing of print materials has been limited due to reduced staffing on-site. As a result, the majority of new items will be online-only until library staff are able to fully resume physical processing operations. See continued updates at

View all BOOKS added by the date acquired

You can also limit a search you've already done by the date that materials were acquired! 

Start at the Library Catalog home page.

First, limit your search by choosing Books in the Format box.

Screenshot of Book format limiter location.

After you see the list of all books, use the Date Acquired filter toward the bottom-left side of the page.

Screen shot of the Date Acquired filters

You can repeat this process to identify recent additions in other formats (e.g. video; musical score).

You can also choose to add additional filters such as Subject, Genre, or Call Number to narrow down the results list.

View all materials added by the date acquired

Using the Date Acquired filter while searching the Library Catalog will allow you to see materials that have been recently added to the collection.

For your convenience, here are some shortcut links to view:

Then you can use the filters on the left-hand side of the search results to narrow down by format, subject, genre, etc. 

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