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Browsing the library remotely: Call Number Browse

Call Number Browse

If you want to browse items that are shelved together because they share a topic, you can use the call number browse feature of the library catalog. This will show not only similar volumes across all of our libraries, but also similar digital items. And if you find promising titles, you can request scans of tables of contents or of specific sections to help you determine which are most likely to be relevant before making a contactless pickup request.

To use this function, enter the beginning of the call number of an item that you found helpful into the search box of the library catalog.

Screenshot of where the call number can be located in a catalog entry.


Then choose call number browse in the pull-down menu next to the search box and click the search icon.
Screenshot of entering a call number into the search box, and choosing "Call Number Browse" from the dropdown menu.

This will bring you to a list of items with similar call numbers.

Screenshot of the results list from a call number browse

Once you identify physical items of interest, click on request scan or request item.

Screenshot of where to find the request scan or request item button

And don't forget that we offer a tutorial on how to find books, and you can always Ask A Librarian if you need additional assistance!

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