PADM 5900: Consulting for Government and Nonprofit Organizations (Fall 2018)

Research strategy

Welcome!  Get started on your research for your literature review and consulting project.

Some helpful hints...

  • Questions? Don't hesitate to email or schedule an in-office research consultation.
  • Begin by familiarizing yourself with current and available information and generating keywords and phrases about your topic. Then, search for those keywords and phrases using:
    • The Library Catalog (for books and other general information resources)
    • Databases and other specialized resources in this guide
  • Set up your research strategy and information management
  • Research background information about your topic
  • Do a preliminary literature search in major databases
  • Discover web resources,"grey literature" (non-peer-reviewed scholarly and substantive info), government info, statistics, etc. 
  • Gather or generate analysis of your own information
  • Be sure to evaluate what you are finding! 

Literature Review Overview

NCSU Libraries has a great overview of the literature review process in the video below.

Lit review video

Other Useful Guides for Getting Started

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