Finding books & more at Cornell

Need to find a book, journal, articles or more (either a particular title or on a topic) at Cornell and beyond? Search the library from the main search box at See the Searching the Library Website Tutorial!

Search Library Resources from the Cornell University Library home page. Use the main search box or the Catalog, Articles & Full Text, Databases, E journal Titles, and Images links directly below the search box.

Looking for Books on a Topic?

Looking for books on a topic? See this tutorial on searching the library catalog to see how to do a very general keyword search for your subject in the library catalog, find a relevant book, check under Availability to see how you can access it in print (look for the library, call number [book location] and availability) or online (look for the full text link), and find the subject headings.

basic search for sustainable building design in catalog

Find an overview report or background information

Instead of diving right into the article literature, try seeing if there's an overview report available.