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News Guides

A clickable list of research guides for news content prepared by Cornell University Library staff. Brief descriptions of each guide.

Guides for News Research

News LibGuides from the Cornell University Library
African American Historical Newspapers Online (Cornell University) Links to searchable full text databases, both subscription and free. Created by Eric Acree.
American Historical Newspapers Online A guide to locating digitized U.S. newspapers for the period prior to the advent of electronic newspapers (before 1995). Includes links to state and regional newspaper digitizing projects not found in the other guides linked here.
Finding Editorial and Opinion Content Online How to find online op/ed (opinion and editorial) content using LexisNexis and Factiva. This is a page from a Government 1101.101 research guide.
A Guide to News Research: How to Find News Articles Overview of news sources divided into these sections: Introduction, Today's News, Post-1980 News, Pre-1980 U.S. News, Pre-1980 International News, Searching All Years, Ethnic News,  Where Are the Newspapers?, Early American Newspapers, and Early English Newspapers.
Latin American Newspapers and News Magazines Country-by-country list of Latin American news sources available in print in Olin Library. Some information about online availability for these titles. Originally created by David Block in 1996.
News Databases: Online News Sources An annotated list of online databases that collect links to full-text news providers. Many are Cornell-only subscription databases funded by the Library.
News Formats Tables listing the main formats for finding newspaper or news content with the pros and cons of each format and an access rating and a preservation rating. I have listed a few representative titles for each format.
Newspaper Indexes for East, Southeast, and South Asia: Guide Information Indexing sources for Asian newspapers can sometimes be difficult to find. Some countries have excellent current and retrospective sources, other countries have very few. This guide should help locate print and online indexing sources.
Newspaper Indexes in Olin Library--International A country-by-country list of foreign newspapers which have printed indexes in Olin Library and their online equivalents. Entries indicate extent of indexing.
Newspaper Indexes in Olin Library--U.S. A title-by-title list of U.S. newspapers which have printed indexes in Olin Library and their online equivalents. Entries indicate extent of indexing.
Five things to consider when searching for news content:

(1) Data discovery: What searching tools do we have for finding the news?

(2) Data delivery: In which formats might the news be available? (paper, digital text, digital images, audio, audio/video, microform)

(3) Data currency: How recent or old is the event or topic you are researching?

(4) Data geography: Where did the event take place? How widely was news of the event known and published?

(5) Data persistence: Is the news content about your topic still accessible?

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