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News Databases: Online News Sources: Full-Text News Sources

Links to major online, full-text news databases, both current and historical.

What Is This?

These news databases and aggregators bring together searching and access to news providers and multiple news sources. In most cases, the databases provide immediate access to the full text of the news sources. In some cases, they collect and link to or index the full-text sources maintained by others--individual newspapers, news publishers, and news sources, including television and radio. A few sources (e.g., CRL, ICON) point to extensive microform holdings.

Each entry contains the following information: database title; database URL; whether the library has a subscription which includes one-time purchases (available to Cornell users only); and a brief description including the time period covered, the format of the content, and languages (no language entry = English language only).

Links to News Databases

ABYZ News Links.
[]; open access.
A collection of links to news sites worldwide. Coverage and format: Mainly current issues; some searchable archives; see individual sources. Includes some streaming video and audio; television, radio, and online news sources. Many languages.

Access Newspaper Archive [aka].
[]; subscription.
Coverage and format: 19th and 20th centuries. Primarily U.S. small town and small city newspapers. Also contains long runs of some international titles. B&W PDFs. Mainly in English; ten French titles (from France).
Use tip: Searchers discovering titles on the open internet will not see the database name, Access Newspaper Archive, only the URL above.

Access World News. (called America's Newspapers before 2005)
[]; subscription.
Coverage and format: Current, from roughly the mid-1980s on (start dates vary widely). Over 4,700 newspapers and newswires, including some web-only titles. Also video from local television news programs. Some international coverage, but mainly Anglo-American titles (about 75% North American titles, 25% international). Includes many smaller newspapers in the U.S. Plain text and video. Mainly in English; some Spanish (see Acceda Noticias).

Accessible Archives.
[]; subscription.
Coverage and format: 18th and 19th centuries. Includes African-American Newspapers (9 titles), Civil War Newspapers (3 titles), and Ben Franklin's newspaper,  the Pennsylvania Gazette (1728-1800). Plain text.

AltPressIndex [aka Alternative Press Index, 1991- ] and Alternative Press Index Archive [1969-1990]. Baltimore: Alternative Press Center.
[API: / APIA:]; subscription.
Coverage and format: 1969 to date. Indexing only. API and APIA can be searched together in the EBSCO interface.

Alt-PressWatch. ProQuest.
[]; subscription.
Coverage mainly mid-1990s to date; a few titles to 1970s. Plain text with some PDFs.

America's Historical Newspapers. Readex/NewsBank.
[]; subscription.
"Including Early American Newspapers Series 1 and 6, 1690-1922 and African American Newspapers, 1827-1998." Plain text and some images.

AP Archive. Associated Press.
[]; free with registration.
Coverage and format: 1929 to date. Film and video from the Associated Press, ABC News, other sources owned by AP. Many records available, but much remains to be digitized. Content information.

AP Images Collection. EBSCO.
[]; subscription.
Coverage for images, 1915 to date. Images and graphics; some full text and streaming audio.

Austrian Newspapers Online: ANNO. Wien: Österreichische Nationalbibliothek.
[]; open access.
Coverage and format: Mainly 19th century; some more recent--see title list. Over 200 newspapers. PDFs. In German.

Biblioteca Virtual de Prensa Historica (Virtual Library of the Historical Press)
[]; open access.
Coverage varies by title: 1777 through the 20th century. PDFs. almost 2,000 historical newspapers developed by the Spanish Ministry of Culture. In Spanish. Search interface in English and several Spanish dialects. List of serials digitized.

Center for Research Libraries Catalog. You can limit by Newspapers. More information about CRL's newspaper holdings here. See also entries for ICON: International Coalition on Newspapers and World Newspaper Archive, below.

China Core Newspaper Databases: CCND. Beijing: Tsinghua Tongfang Optical Disc Co.]; subscription.
Coverage and format: 2000 to date. CAJ viewer download or PDFs that require Abode Font Pack download. See also Kroch Asia's Academic Journals and Newspapers page for two additional Chinese news titles. In Chinese.

Chinese Newspapers Collection [ProQuest Historical Newspapers].
[]; subscription.
Coverage and format: 1832-1953. PDFs. English only.

Chronicling America: Historic American Newspapers.
[]; open access.
A major searchable database of over twelve million digitized newspaper pages from 2,300+ newspapers. Created by the NEH, Library of Congress, the National Digital Newspaper Project, and their partners in 32 states and DC.
Coverage and format: 1789-1943. PDFs. Site also has a searchable bibliography of US newspapers published between 1690 and the present. Ten languages represented: primarily English, but also Spanish, German, French, and Italian.

EastView Universal Database. East View Publications.
[]; subscription.
Includes Current Digest of the Russian Press [was Current Digest of the (Post-) Soviet Press] (1949 to date, English translations), Russian Central Newspapers in Russian and English, Izvestiia Digital Archive (1917-2010), and Pravda Digital Archive (1912-2009).

Eighteenth Century Journals: A Portal to Newspapers and Periodicals, c1685-1835. Adam Matthew.
[]; subscription.
Coverage and format: c1685-1835. High-quality PDFs. Includes journalism (news, magazines) of all kinds from Britain, Ireland, and some of the British colonies (India, the Caribbean, Canada, etc.).

Ethnic NewsWatch. ProQuest.
[]; subscription.
Coverage and format: 1959 to date in two files. In English and Spanish. Plain text with some PDFs. Publications by and for ethnic and minority groups.

Euro|topics. Federal Agency for Civic Education (Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung).
[]; open access.
Coverage and format: 12/8/2005 to date. A European press review. Plain text. English, German, and French summaries for 28 European countries. Text is the translated lead paragraph of the article. Some entries link to the full text online in original language and some only to the source news site.

Factiva. Dow Jones.
[]; subscription.
Coverage and format: Current. Back to 1980s for some titles. Primarily business news. Plain text. English. The News Pages section shows articles from eight major news sources for the last two weeks.

Financial Times/ Financial Times Ltd.
[]; subscription.
Coverage and format: Covers both and the Financial Times newspaper, January 2006 to date. Web pages for Full page, full color PDFs for the newspaper. Available in five regional editions: UK, Europe, US, Asia, and Mid East. Cornell students, staff and faculty will need to set up an account using their email address when using this resource for the first time.

Financial Times Historical Archive. Gale Cengage Learning (EMEA).
[]; subscription
Coverage and format: 1888 to 2013 [as of mid-2019]. Moving multi-year embargo. For newer issues see the previous entry, above. See also Gale NewsVault, below, for cross-searching Gale newspaper archives.

Foreign Broadcast Information Service (FBIS) Daily Reports.
[]; subscription.
Coverage and format: 1974-1996. Includes television and radio. English translations of content from news sources worldwide. Plain text. Continued by World News Connection. More information about FBIS. Original content in many languages.

Gale NewsVault. Gale Cengage.
[]; subscription
Coverage and format: 1604 to 2011. Platform for cross searching the following Gale news archives: 17th - 18th Century Burney Collection Newspapers, The Economist Historical Archive, the Financial Times Historical Archive, The Times [of London] Digital Archive, The Sunday Times [of London] Digital Archive, and the Times Literary Supplement (TLS) Historical Archive. See the NewsVault home page for specific date coverage.

Gale OneFile: News. Gale. (was Infotrac Newsstand; was Custom Newspapers)
[]; subscription.
Coverage and format: around 1980 to date. Plain text. List All Publications

Gale: Primary Sources [was Artemis: Primary Sources]. Gale Cengage.
[]; subscription.
Cross-searches eighteen of Gale's online digital history resources. Click on "See What's Inside: Learn More" to see the complete list of archives and the date coverage for each archive. All of the news titles in Gale NewsVault, below, are included plus additional collections with partial newspaper content.

Gallica: Bibliothèque Numérique. Bibliothèque nationale de France.
[]; subscription.
Twenty-six French newspapers.
Coverage and format: Nineteenth century to about WWII. To search or browse, click on Periodicals. []. Searchable PDFs. In French.

GenderWatch. ProQuest.
[]; subscription.
Coverage and format: 1970s to date. PDFs and HTML. Includes newspapers and newsletters, but also scholarly journals; magazines; regional publications; books; and NGO, government, and special reports.

Google News
[]; open access.
Google News is searchable in a large number of "editions" (countries and languages).
Archive in development. Enter in advanced search to limit to scanned articles only. Searchable PDFs. Spotty coverage for most titles, but some long runs of titles from the U.S., Canada, Australia, South Asia. A browseable title list that includes years covered for each title is available:

ICON: International Coalition on Newspapers: Titles Preserved through ICON.
[]; open access.
Bibliographic information only. List of international newspapers preserved on microfilm. The Center for Research Libraries catalog includes specific holdings. Titles available from CRL via ILL. ICON's searchable union list of international newspapers; good historical data with preservation status and holdings information. Many languages.

Illustrated London News Historical Archive, 1842-2003. Gale Cengage.
[]; subscription.
Coverage and format: 1842-2003. Full-color scanned images. Fully searchable.

Ithaca Journal and Press & Sun Bulletin (Binghamton). ProQuest; subscription.
Coverage and format: Press & Sun Bulletin: 1/1/1999- ; Ithaca Journal: 8/9/1999- . Plain text.

Keesing's World News Archive.
[]; subscription.
News digest service. Coverage and format: 01/05/1931 to 04/2016. Plain text.

Latin American Newsstream. ProQuest.
[]; subscription.
Coverage and format: Mostly mid 2000s to date, some from the late 1990s. Plain text. In English, French, Guarani, Portuguese, and Spanish.
92 titles from Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Costa Rica, Peru, Uruguay, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Guatemala, Puerto Rico, and Venezuela. Title list.

Library PressDisplay. Press Reader/ProQuest.
[]; subscription.
Full-color PDFs. Coverage and format: mainly latest 90 days; some newspaper titles (Chicago Tribune, The Guardian, and Globe & Mail, for example) have shorter backfiles. A few newspaper titles have multi-year backfiles. Many languages.

Meet the Press. Alexander Street.
[]; subscription.
Coverage and format: 1947 to 12/29/2013. More than 1,500 hours of streaming video (early years, audio only) of this weekly news interview and debate program. Coverage during the early years is incomplete.
See also Television News Archive. Description below.
[]; subscription.
Coverage and format: Current. September 2005 to date. Selected articles from news sources and newsletters. English translations from Arabic and Farsi. Plain text. Added links to current source home page when available.

Nexis Uni.
[]; subscription.
Successor to LexisNexis Academic. Coverage and format: roughly 1980 to date. Includes television and radio transcripts. Plain text. Mainly English and Western European languages. Click News in the What are you interested in? box at left on the home page.

NYS Historic Newspapers.
[]; open access.
Coverage and format: 1803 to date. Over 200 newspapers published in New York. Date coverage varies widely by title. A few titles are current. Scanned page images; full-text searchable (but beware of the low quality of the OCR'd text that is used for searching). Browse the title list for precursors of today's Ithaca Journal, including the Ithaca Journal & General Advertiser (8/8/1827 to 1847), the Ithaca Journal Advertiser (1847 to 1866) and the parallel title, the Ithaca Daily Journal (7/3/1872 to 12/31/1913).

Paper of Record.
[was, now]
Partially absorbed by Google News Archive []. Paper of Record consisted of the page PDFs of an oddball selection of newspaper titles mainly from Mexico, the U.S. and Canada in English and Spanish. Paper of Record has resurfaced as a subscription database. We do not subscribe.

ProQuest Digital Microfilm. Access ended December 2018; use ProQuest Digitized Newspapers and ProQuest Recent Newspapers, in the next entry.

ProQuest Digitized Newspapers and ProQuest Recent Newspapers [aka PQDN or RNP].
[ and]; subscription.
Ten newspaper titles are linked from the ProQuest Digitized Newspapers home page. Ten more U.S. titles are part of the Recent Newspapers US Stand-alone collection. These titles are only accessible by browsing the News & Newspapers databases list under change Databases in the ProQuest interface. Five additional multi-title Regional Collections covering 41 newspapers are cataloged as ProQuest Recent Newspapers: Regional Collections.
Coverage for all titles starts from either 1/1/2008, 1/1/2009, 1/1/2010, 1/1/2011, or 1/1/2012 with a three-month embargo on full text. (Some indexing of more recent articles is online is available in selected RNP titles). Full text is primarily publisher PDFs backed by full text searching of OCRed text. Newer dates have direct searching of publisher's text feed.

To access twenty additional titles in ProQuest Recent Newspapers (9 Canadian titles, 10 U.S. newspapers, and The Guardian [UK]), use the Change Databases link at the top of many ProQuest database home pages. Then click on the plus icon next to the "News & Newspapers databases" category. You will see the additional RNP titles listed there individually among all the newspaper titles available through ProQuest.

Additional years of coverage for some titles in the ProQuest Recent Newspapers Northeast Regional Collection are available in US Northeast Newsstream Click the Publications link at the top of the home page to browse the titles and see the years of coverage for each one.

ProQuest Historical Newspapers.
[]; subscription.
Search a single newspaper or cross-search any combination of newspapers in this collection.
Coverage: Baltimore Sun (1837-1993), Boston Globe (1872-1988), Chicago Tribune (1849-1996), Hartford Courant (1764-1993), Los Angeles Times (1881-1995), New York Times (1851-2014), New York Tribune / Herald Tribune (1841-1962), Wall Street Journal (1889-2002), and Washington Post (1877-2002).
African-American newspapers: Chicago Defender (1910-1975), New York Amsterdam News (1922-1993), and Pittsburgh Courier (1911-2002).
International newspapers: Chinese Newspapers Collection (1832-1953), Globe and Mail [Toronto] (1844-2015), Irish Times / Weekly Irish Times [Dublin] (1859-2017), and Times of India (1838-2010).
PDFs scanned from microfilm. English. Advertising content is searchable..

Russian Central Newspapers, see EastView Universal Database.

Television News Archive, Vanderbilt University.
[]; subscription.
Coverage and format: 1968 to date. More than 30,000 individual network evening news broadcasts from major U.S. national broadcast networks: ABC, CBS, NBC, and CNN, and more than 9,000 hours of special news-related programming including ABC's Nightline (since 1989). Includes commercials, searchable by brand name. Abstracts of all broadcasts. Online streaming video available for some broadcasts; remainder available on interlibrary loan.
See also Meet the Press. Description above.

[Le] Temps: Archives historiques.
[]; open access.
The Journal de Genève, Gazette de Lausanne and the Nouveau Quotidien, forerunners of Le Temps. Coverage and format: 1798 to 1998. PDFs. In French. Search interface in French, German, English, Italian.
[]; open access.
Coverage and format: Ten Icelandic newspapers including Morgunbaðið (1913 to date) and DV: Dablaðið Vísir (1981 to date). PDFs. Cross-searchable. In Icelandic.

Times [of London] Digital Archive (Monday - Saturday) / The Sunday Times Digital Archive, 1822 - 2006Times Literary Supplement Historical Archive. Gale NewsVault; subscription.
Coverage and format: Times, 1785 to six years ago; The Sunday Times, 1822 - 2006; Literary Supplement, 1902 - 2010. PDFs scanned from microfilm. All three titles are cross-searchable (along with other Gale news titles) in Gale NewsVault, and in Gale: Primary Sources, both described above.

TV News Archive [part of Internet Archive].
Coverage and format: 2009 to yesterday. Streaming video. US TV news shows searchable using the close-captioned text.

US Hispanic Newsstream. ProQuest.
Coverage varies by title: about 2004 to date. Plain text. In Spanish and English.
More than 50 Hispanic newspapers, newswires, websites, and blogs from U.S. publishers in both Spanish and English

US Northeast Newsstream. ProQuest.
Coverage varies by title: 1980s to date. Plain text.
About 100 newspaper titles from Connecticut, Delaware, Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, and Vermont plus additional non-newspaper titles.

Weimar Studies Network: Resources.
[]; open access.
Coverage varies by title: 1784-1945. PDFs. Links to a large number of digitized runs of German newspapers; magazines; and literary, art, and religion journals. In German.

World News Connection. Eastview.
[]; subscription.
English translations of content from news sources worldwide. Coverage and format: 1995-2013. (Coverage ended 12/31/2013). Includes television and radio. Plain text. Continues Foreign Broadcast Information Service. Original content in many languages.

World Newspaper Archive. NewsBank.
[]; available to Center for Research Library member institutions (Cornell is a member).
Coverage and format: around 1800 to 1922. Three geographical modules: Africa, Latin America, and South Asia. Coverage of other regions is forthcoming. Full text searchable PDFs. An important new source of primary news sources from these areas. In the languages of the original publications.

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