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Animals in Global Cinema (FWS Fall 2018): Finding

This is a guide for students in Prof. Ewa Bachminska's FWS.

For most precise searching, search databases individually.

llustration of arctic animals from Narrative of Discovery and Adventure in the Polar Regions (1830), by Sir John Lesley, Robert Jameson, and Hugh Murray (1830).


How to find articles

 Three Steps

1.  Find a database by browsing the list here, or on the Library home page's Databases by name or subject.

2.  Click on the link to get into the database.

3.  Search the database for articles.

Database Tips

Databases identify and locate articles published in magazines, journals and newspapers. Many databases also index essays, book chapters and monographs.

Tip 1: Many databases provide full-text of journal articles.

Tip 2: If the database does not provide full-text, use Get it! Cornell or search the library catalog for the journal title (or book title). This will provide you with Cornell's holdings of the journal (in both print and electronic form).

Tip 3: For more precise searching, it is best to search the databases individually (rather than using Articles & Full Text search).

Recommended databases

What is the Summon/Search for articles?

"Articles & Full Text" (Summon) searches some articles, e-books, audio files, and video files. It does not search the library catalog (print books and other physical items).

Summon doesn't search ALL library resources. Use subject-specific databases (link to the right of Articles & Full Text) for comprehensive or focused searching.

Quick Quiz

What is the difference between a scholary and a non-scholarly periodical?

Quick Quiz
Scholarly journals are only published quarterly.: 1 votes (12.5%)
The library only subscribes to scholarly publications.: 1 votes (12.5%)
Scholarly journals have boring covers.: 0 votes (0%)
Scholarly journals are peer-reviewed.: 5 votes (62.5%)
There is no real difference.: 1 votes (12.5%)
Total Votes: 8

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