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Spanish-Language Reference Sources Online or in the Library: A Guide: Language Dictionaries
in Spanish

A guide to the library's Spanish-language reference dictionaries and encyclopedias, databases, and selected major internet resources.

Spanish-Language Reference Sources

Spanish Language Dictionaries Online:

Oxford Language Dictionaries Online

Fully searchable, comprehensive bilingual dictionaries, and unique study materials that provide extra help with learning. Includes the full Oxford Spanish-English and English-Spanish dictionary. Highly recommended.

Spanish-English/English-Spanish dictionaries available in Oxford Reference

Contains Oxford Business Spanish Dictionary, 2003 edition. and the Pocket Oxford Spanish Dictionary, 4th edition, 2012.


Selected Spanish Language Dictionaries in Print


Diccionario de la lengua española (Real Academia Española)
22. ed. Madrid: Real Academia Española, 2001.
Olin Stacks Double Oversize PC 4625 .A3x 2001++

Collins Spanish dictionary = Collins diccionario Inglés
7th ed. Barcelona: Grijalbo; New York: Collins Publishers, 2003.
Olin Reference PC 4640 .C53 2003+


Other Language Resources for Spanish


A Reverse Dictionary of the Spanish Language
Fred A. Stahl and Gary Scavnicky.
Urbana: University of Illinois Press, 1973.
Olin Stacks Oversize PC 4691 .S78+

Diccionario Panhispanico de dedas
Real Academia Espanola.
Madrid: Real Academia Espanola, Asociacion de Academias de Lengua Espanola, 2005.
Olin Reference PC 4460 .D5155 2005
"The Panhispanic Dictionary of Doubts guides users throughout the proper use of the Spanish language. It provides recommendations presented with examples that have been extracted from real texts originating from the databases of the Real Academia Española. It is a work conceived from all the Hispanic countries, which maintains a fundamental balance between the variety of a languages spoken in so many different regions, and the linguistic unity that must be preserved. In short, it gives clear answers to the doubts of those who worry about speaking and writing Spanish correct." (from

El diccionario en el aula: Sobre los diccionarios escolares destinados a la enseñanza y aprendizaje del español como lengua materna
Avila Martin, Maria del Carmen.
Granada: Universidad de Granada, 2000.
Olin Stacks PC 4617 .A955z 2000

Tentative dictionary of medieval Spanish
Lloyd August Kasten and Florian J. Cody.
New York: Hispanic Seminary of Medieval Studies, 2001.
Olin Stacks Oversize PC 4715 .Z5 K37x 2001+

Variación léxica y diccionario: los arcaísmos en el diccionario de la Academia
Enrique Jimenez Rios
Madrid: Iberoamericana; Frankfurt am Main: Vervuert, 2001.
Olin Stacks F 1414 .N83x 2001
A dictionary of obsolete words in Spanish.