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New Venture Research: Idea Generation

This guide offers a road map to research resources to develop a business plan for the Cornell University community.

Idea Generation Resources at Cornell

Entrepreneurship At Cornell : is a diverse, university-wide program that finds and fosters the entrepreneurial spirit in participants from every college at Cornell. You can also browse the list of all Cornell startups here.

Rev Ithaca Startup Works : is a business incubator located in downtown Ithaca. Rev offers entrepreneurs expert advice (from seasoned and successful entrepreneurs) and space to grow their business. Talk to this community of entrepreneurs to find or validate a new idea.

Center for Technology Licensing (CTL) : is Cornell University's technology transfer office and manages technology innovations for Cornell's Ithaca campus, Weill Cornell Medical Colleges, Cornell Tech, and the New York State Agricultural Experiment station in Geneva. The CTL is looking to bring the University-originated innovations to the marketplace and hence is a great place to find ideas for a tech-based startup.


Primary Research Tools

Idea Generation: Tools

Idea Generation: Books

The following "business idea generation" books are recommended and are located in the ILR Library.