Storyboarding-what is it and why do it?

Particularly if you're doing a longer or live video project, storyboarding can help you:

  •  Save time
  •  Communicate your vision
  •  Record and edit more efficiently
You can just sketch it out on paper, Google "storyboard template" for free paper templates, or use storyboard tools if you're doing a longer or more conceptual project.

storyboard (script with pictures and shot list)

VIDEO: Storyboarding for people who can't draw


A storyboard for a film is like an outline for an essay. Jot down the key ideas that you want to convey in your film and put them in sequence. Then think of how you want to depict each idea and note it in the box. 

The Berkeley Advanced Media Institute has an excellent guide to help you.

storyboard example from Berkeley Advanced Media Institute

Storyboard examples