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Script Writing Tips and Tools

You can simply write your script in Word or Google docs, using a simple two column layout with your narrative in one column and your visuals/shot list in the other. However, if you're doing a larger project and want to get fancier, here are some other tools.

Write Your Script by Anna Akana (YouTube Creator Academy)

Tips for Writing Your Script from the College of Charleston

It's important to create a good script, one that works well with your video and doesn't overwhelm the viewer with words.  Listed below are some tips to keep in mind when writing scripts.


  • Be consistent in using pronouns and verb tenses.
  • Have an introduction and closing.
  • Your tone (both in speaking and writing) should be conversational.
  • Make sure that the script reflects your personality. 
  • Use contractions, another way of keeping your script conversational.
  • Edit, edit, edit!  Question everything you write:  Is this essential?  Could it be cut and still be clear?
  • As you write your script, be sure to note what is happening on the screen.


  • Read the script out loud before you record it to make sure that it flows well.
  • Have someone else review the script.
  • When recording, it's best to not stray from what you've written.


  • Keep each page of the script equal to about one minute of content.
  • Use a large, easy-to-read font like 14 pt. Times Roman.