Value of encyclopedias and handbooks

Encyclopedias are great for:

  • locating authoritative, high quality information
  • choosing a topic
  • educating yourself quickly
  • gaining background information easily (major ideas, theories, events, people)
  • identifying variant spellings, vocabulary, terminology
  • finding a bibliography (list of selected, important  references for further reading)

Online handbooks on sociology & education

Handbook of the Sociology of Education in the 21st Century

This handbook unifies access and opportunity, two key concepts of sociology of education, throughout its 25 chapters. It explores today’s populations rarely noticed, such as undocumented students, first generation college students, and LGBTQs; and emphasizing the intersectionality of gender, race, ethnicity and social class. Sociologists often center their work on the sources and consequences of inequality. This handbook, while reviewing many of these explanations, takes a different approach, concentrating instead on what needs to be accomplished to reduce inequality.

Handbook of Indigenous Education

This book is a state-of-the-art reference work that defines and frames the state of thinking, research and practice in indigenous education. The book provides an authoritative overview of the subject in one text. The work sits within the context of The UN Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous Peoples that states “Indigenous peoples have the right to the dignity and diversity of their cultures, traditions, histories and aspirations which shall be appropriately reflected in education” (Article 14.1).

Second International Handbook of Urban Education

This second handbook offers all new content in which readers will find a thoughtful and measured interrogation of significant contemporary thinking and practice in urban education. This handbook focuses on factors such as social stratification, segmentation, segregation, racialization, urbanization, class formation and maintenance, and patriarchy. The central concern is to explore how equity plays out for those traditionally marginalized in urban schools in different locations around the globe.


Encyclopedias on education & sociology

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