Seminars on Clinical Cases (Report-Type)

For clinical case report-type seminars, one or possibly two species-related subject headings have been assigned.

For example:

Birds--Diseases--Case studies
Birds--Surgery--Case studies
Cats--Diseases--Case studies
Cattle--Reproduction--Case studies
Dogs--Diseases--Diagnosis--Case studies
Dogs--Fractures--Case studies
Horses--Wounds and injuries--Case studies
Rabbits--Diseases--Case studies
Swine--Diseases--Case studies

Seminars on General Topics

For papers dealing with general topics, a single heading has usually been included.

For example:

Acid-base imbalance
Homeopathic veterinary medicine

Milk--prices--New York (state)
Organophosphorous compounds
Pet loss--psychological aspects
Veterinary anesthesia
Veterinary drugs--physiological effect
Veterinary medicine--Practice


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How to search for Senior Seminars by keyword
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Senior seminar

All senior seminars added since 1949 (except those missing), arranged chronologically by year of graduation/presentation, then alphabetically by author/student's name

Senior seminar AND <student's name>

Senior seminar papers only (theses and other book materials will be excluded)
Senior seminar AND <date>

All senior seminars for that year of graduation/presentation, arranged alphabetically by author/student's name 

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Senior seminar AND <title subject keyword>

Senior seminars on that subject, arranged chronologically by year of graduation/presentation, then alphabetically by author/student's name

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Senior seminar AND <animal species>

Senior seminars about dogs, cats, horses, turkeys, fish, and other species

(Note: There is no hierarchy or grouping of similar species. For example, if you enter "poultry," the search results will not automatically include "chickens," "turkey," "birds," etc. Each species must be searched separately.)

Senior seminar AND <animal species> AND <graduation/presentation year> Senior seminars related to the species prepared in that year of graduation/presentation

Senior seminar papers, PowerPoints, one-page summaries, and video clips are stored and accessible online through the Cornell University Library’s eCommons@cornell digital repository.

To find papers in eCommons:

1. Search for “senior seminar."

2. Select the collection.

3. Search by author name, date of issues, species, and/or title.

Click on the links to view PDFs of the summary handout, text of the paper, and PowerPoint presentation. (Any additional materials, such as video clips, figures, or tables, that have been submitted will be visible once you click on the links.)

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