Special Note

Please note:
Due to the confidentiality of the cases involved, Senior Seminars are accessible only to students, faculty, and staff at the College of Veterinary Medicine. Other individuals who would like access may contact the librarians at Flower-Sprecher Veterinary Library at 
607-253-3510 or vetref@cornell.edu.

Missing or Unavailable Senior Seminars

Most senior seminars from 1949 have been cataloged and can be searched using the Cornell University Library catalog.

However, senior seminars that are currently missing or unavailable are not included in the catalog.

Print Copies of Senior Seminars

In general, senior seminar papers are stored in the Annex Library and do not circulate.

However, you can access papers prior to 2002/2003 by emailing us at vetref@cornell.edu.

Senior seminars not in eCommons must be paged from Annex Library storage. The Veterinary Librarian will obtain a PDF copy for you and deposit the electronic copy in eCommons for your use on a case-by-case basis.

Electronic Versions of Senior Seminars

PDFs of all senior seminar papers from 2002/2003 to present and some selected earlier papers are available electronically in full-text from eCommons. Additional older papers will be added on a one-by-one basis as requested.

PDFs of most PowerPoint presentations from 2005/2006 are accessible in eCommons.

PDFs of one-page summary handouts and any associated videoclips or other supplemental items are provided from 2008/2009 to present. Some earlier videoclips since 2005/2006 may also be included if they were submitted by the student.

The Library Catalog offers convenient links to full-text held in eCommons for 2008/2009 and later seminars.

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