Research Data Management Seminar Libguide

This libguide was created for students taking NTRES 6600, but contains many resources that would also be useful to a wider audience. This guide introduces best practices, training, tools, further reading, and other resources regarding data management in order to help researchers manage data effectively and efficiently.

Welcome to NTRES 6600: Managing Data To Facilitate Your Research

This course is designed to introduce students to best practices in natural resources regarding data management and to help students create their own plans to manage their data effectively and efficiently while meeting funder and publisher requirements.

Data Management Matters

Missing data: as research articles age, the odds of their raw data being extant drop dramatically. Grpah shows this steep decline over time

 In a study published in Current Biology, researchers looked for the data behind 516 ecology papers published between 1991 and 2011. Scientists interviewed confessed to keeping research data in their parents' attic, in boxes in the garage, or stored on now-defunct floppy disks. Although “data for almost all studies published just two years ago were still accessible, the chance of them being so fell by 17% per year. Availability dropped to as little as 20% for research from the early 1990s.”

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