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eCommons is Cornell's digital repository, which "provides long-term access to a broad range of Cornell-related digital content of enduring value. It is open to anyone affiliated with Cornell University (faculty, staff, students, or groups/organizations) as a place to store, organize, preserve, index, and redistribute materials in digital formats that may be useful for educational, scholarly, research, or historical purposes."

Services at Cornell for Data Sharing and Archiving

Sharing and Archiving Your Data

Sharing and archiving your data so that you, others in your lab group, and researchers at other institutions can find and access your data, now and in the long term, is increasingly becoming a funding requirement, as well as being good practice for research in an interdisciplinary world. There are a growing number of repositories where you can deposit your data, from Cornell's eCommons to publishers' sites to disciplinary data repositories. Below are some useful directories to repositories. There are also a lot of general factors to consider in evaluating digital repositories, some of which we will consider in class.

Examples of Data Repositories in Natural Resources