U.S. Public Policy - Sources for Background Information

Congressional Quarterly Almanac. Washington: Congressional Quarterly, 1945- . Print copy at Olin Reference JK 1 C66+
Each volume provides a survey of legislation for one session of Congress with summaries of major Congressional action. Includes voting information on numerous measures. The index allows for access by name or subject. Published annually.
CQ Press Guide to Congress. 7th ed. (2013) Washington: Congressional Quarterly. Print copy at Olin Reference JK1021 C74 2013 +
Arranged under eight subject areas that cover all aspects of the U.S. Congress: Origins and Development of Congress, from the constitutional beginnings of the legislative branch to the histories of the House and Senate and their power shifts, eras of partisanship and unity, influential leaders, and working relationships with presidents. Appendices include historical information on voting and committee membership, maps, a glossary and other material.
CQ Press Library.
CQ's authoritative coverage of public affairs includes the CQ Researcher, CQ Weekly, CQ Almanac, CQ Voting and Elections Collection, CQ Congress Collection, Politics in America, and more. These can be searched separately or together.
CQ Researcher. Washington, D.C.: Congressional Quarterly Inc., 1991-. (online from 1991; in paper from 1930-2003 in Olin stacks H35 E23)
Provides articles on current and controversial national and world issues. "Every 12,000-word report is written by an experienced journalist and features comments from experts, lawmakers and citizens on all sides of every issue. Numerous charts, graphs and sidebar articles -- plus a pro-con feature, a chronology, lengthy bibliographies and a list of contacts -- round out each report." (About page)
CQ Weekly.
CQ Weeklyprovides news summaries of congressional legislation, commission reports, presidential talks and appointments, and even information about birth dates, religious affiliation and occupation of senators and representatives. One of the best and most current of all publications dealing with government action. Covers Congress in depth, but also includes information on the executive and judicial branches of government.
CQ's Politics in America. Washington, D.C. : CQ Press, c1999- . Print copy at Olin Ref JK 1010 P76 2014
Provides in-depth profiles of all 535 members and the six delegates in Congress. Includes biographical data, committee assignments, key votes, interest group ratings, vote studies, and contact information, as well as info on Congressional districts such as demographics and voting trends.
Environment & Energy Daily (E&E Daily)
"Environment & Energy Daily (E&E Daily) is the leading source of information for people who track environmental and energy action in Congress. From clean air legislation to public lands policy, E&E Daily brings readers the most comprehensive, objective, original coverage of Congress." (website)
Encyclopedia of Public Administration and Public Policy, edited by Jack Rabin. New York: Marcel Dekker, c2003. 2 v. Print copies at Olin Reference JK9 E64 2003+ ; also Mann Reference; online version updated regularly.
Signed articles by policy experts include subjects such as environmental ethics, fiscal transparency, education policy, procurement, privatization and economic development, trade policy and more. Each provides a selected bibliography.
Oleszek, Walter. Congressional Procedures and the Policy Process. 9th ed. 2014. Olin Reference KF4937 O44 2014  (also in Law Reference) NOTE: Older editions in Olin stacks.
Detailed overview of how Congress makes laws and how its rules and procedures shape public policy. Describes the making of a law from introduction to final passage.
United States Government Manual. annual. 1973/74 - . Print copy at Olin Reference JK 421 A3
The official handbook of the federal government containing descriptions of the agencies in all branches, as well as certain boards, committees and commissions. Congressional or executive authority for each agency's establishment is cited, and the prominent publications are listed for some of the more important units. Includes organization charts, addresses, and telephone numbers, regional maps.
voxgov is a discovery platform with a wealth of analytics providing fast and reliable access to unfiltered original source news, media and information direct from all branches of the U.S. Federal Government. voxgov enables users to easily find who in government is saying what and when on any subject throughout all phases of the political, legislative and regulatory process.--Publisher information.

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