Eight Steps to Effective Instruction Sessions

#1 Communicate with Faculty

#2  Reserve a Room

  • Reserve a space using the Fall 2017 Guidelines for reserving Mann spaces written by Sara E. Wright.

#3  Develop Learning Objectives

#4  Create a Lesson Plan

#5  Create a Course Guide for the class you are teaching if it seems appropriate to do so.

#6  Assessment (pre and post)

  • Send out a pre-assessment survey to get a better understanding of the students' prior research experience. A Question bank compiled by Mann librarians can be found on the Assessing Student Learning page.
  • Set up the Qualtrics CLIQ survey in advance by making a copy of the survey for your class. You have the option to add a few additional questions in addition to the standard ones.
  • The Assessing Student Learning tab provides information on classroom assessment techniques and technology aids. 

#7  Reflect on your instruction

  • Reflect and ask yourself questions about how you think your instruction session was received by students. What worked well? What didn't? What would you do differently?
  • If appropriate, share assessment feedback with the course instructor. Address questions/confusion reported in the CLIQ survey by sharing supplemental material with students after your instruction session.
  • Complete your lesson plan and add to Box so that others can benefit from your experience. Include suggestions for improvements. 

#8  Record your instruction statistics in CountIt.

  • Use the established procedures for recording information about your instruction sessions in CountIt.