Linking LibGuides and Canvas Pages

For CUL staff

Gear icon to Guide metadata


  1. A CUL librarian with Admin-level privileges for the LibGuide should go to the LibGuide page admin view, open the metadata (“gear” menu
  2. Choose Guide Metadata from the list of options
  3. Click the Custom Metadata tab of the resulting prompt window:
    •    Click on Name and change it to lti
    •    In the Value field put in the name of the Canvas page you want this guide to appear in, exactly as it is named in Canvas (look at the first link in the breadcrumb trail in the top lefthand corner and copy and paste it exactly; in guide example here the Canvas page name was ENGRC3500). Then hit Close.

Custom Metadata tab; change Name to Lti and Value to Canvas course page name


The Canvas page should then automatically display the LibGuide in its Library Resources tab.

Note: If this does not work (if it continues to show only the ‘general’ LibGuide) then check the Value in the Custom Metadata field and ensure that it exactly matches the name of the Canvas course page. Also note that this may not work automatically with first year writing seminar courses or courses with multiple subsections, e.g. ENGL 1168-101. In those cases, it's also possible to add a manual link to the guide in the body of the course.

Also remember: The CUL staff person must have Admin-level access to the guide. If they lack that access, they should either ask their LibGuides unit administrator to change these settings or contact the LibGuides team below.

If you have any questions about this process or are having any difficulties, contact CUL librarians Jeremy Cusker at, Camille Andrews at and/or Lynn Thitchener at