Integrating LibGuides into Canvas

Given recent events, many course instructors may want to enhance their Canvas pages to include appropriate links to Cornell University Library resources, particularly those which are accessible remotely.

We at the library have been creating Library Guides (LibGuides) pages using Springshare’s product of the same name for many years now. These pages are intended to gather together and annotate the links to a series of library resources, either on a particular topic, a particular type of resource (i.e. e-books, technical reports, etc) or in support of a specific class. There are currently several hundred individual LibGuides, all accessible via

With assistance from the Center for Teaching Innovation (CTI) we have developed a process for placing a LibGuide page directly into one of the tabs of its associated Canvas page.

This process is easy to learn and quick to perform but it requires the coordination of the instructor (or their designate) with a CUL staff person (with admin privileges) to set up the linkage for a course-specific LibGuide.

Simply follow these steps:

For the Canvas course instructor or admin:

Step 1: Go to the Canvas Settings, then Navigation menu

Go to Settings on Canvas course page
After Settings go to Navigation tab

Step 2: Drag the Library Resources menu item from the bottom (“unused”) item column up to whatever position you want it to occupy in the “active” menu item column above.

Be sure to then hit Save to preserve this change.

Drag Library Research Guide from disabled to enabled and Save

Step 3: Use the "general" research guide, or work with a librarian to have that swapped out for a guide tailored to the specific requirements of your class.

In your Canvas page, you will now have a menu item marked Library Research Guide. By default, it will show this ‘general’ library research guide suitable for any class.

However by working with a Cornell University Librarian, you can have that swapped out for a guide tailored to the specific requirements of your class. Please don't hesitate to let your library liaison know or fill out this request form if you would like to have a guide for your class and we will connect you with the appropriate librarian.

Default general library guide in Canvas