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Artists represented in the Johnson Museum of Art collection:

  1. Teresa Margolles (Mexico)
  2. Madge Gill (UK, self-taught) 
  3. Hermine Freed (US--studied at Cornell) New edits!
  4. Marie Watt (Seneca Nation, active in NW US)

African artists

  1. Anawana Haloba (Zambia) No Wikipedia article Artist's website
  2. Portia Zvavahera (Zimbabwe) New Wikipedia article is now in draft!
  3. Agnes Nyanhongo (Zimbabwe) New edits!
  4. Berry Bickle (Zimbabwe) New edits!
  5. Helen Lieros (Zimbabwe) No Wikipedia article
  6. Nontsikelelo Mutiti (Zimbabwe)
  7. Virginia Chihota (Zimbabwe) No Wikipedia article
  8. Christine Dixie (South Africa) New edits!
  9. Thenjiwe Niki Nkosi (South Africa) New edits!
  10. Dineo Seshee Bopape (South Africa)
  11. Senzeni Marasela (South Africa)
  12. Angela Ferreira (South Africa/Mozambique/Portugal) Portuguese Wikipedia article (none in English) Wikidata
  13. Monica de Miranda (Angola/Portugal) New edits!
  14. Mary Evans (Nigeria/UK)

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Articles for Improvement:

  1. Golnar Adili (Iranian-American multidisciplinary artist based in Brooklyn)
  2. Cecilia Alavarez (American Chicana artist known for her oil paintings and murals)
  3. Jane Alexander (South African sculptor and installation artist)
  4. Davida Allen (Australian painter, film maker and writer)
  5. Annie Antone (Native American Tohono O'odham basket weaver from Gila Bend, Arizona)
  6. Ida Applebroog (American multi-media artist)
  7. Rachel Ara (contemporary British conceptual and data artist)
  8. Gina Beavers (American painter)
  9. Dina Chhan (Cambodian painter and sculptor)
  10. Justine Cooper (Australian artist, now living in NY)
  11. Mira Dancy (American painter)
  12. Berlinde De Bruyckere (Belgian artist)
  13. Mary Evans (artist based in England; utilizes for subject matter both her African heritage and European upbringing)
  14. Abigail Fallis (British sculptor who frequently comments on consumerism)
  15. Lara Favaretto (Italian painter, sculptor and installation artist)
  16. Ceal Floyer (British artist, b. Pakistan, based in Berlin)
  17. Kate Gilmore (American video and performance artist, photographer, and sculptor, focused on issues of femininity and gender)
  18. Patricia Gonzalez (Colombian-born American artist)
  19. Patricia Goslee (Washington, DC-based American artist)
  20. Anne Hardy (British photographer, installation, and sound artist)
  21. Taraneh Hemami ترانه همامی (Iranian-born American artist and arts educator)
  22. Ann Hirsch (American video and performance artist)
  23. Claudette Johnson (British figurative artist)
  24. Hayv Kahraman (Iraqi painter and sculptor)
  25. Betty Nobue Kano (Japanese painter, curator and educator)
  26. Hilja Keading (American video artist)
  27. Bharti Kher (Indian painter, sculptor, and installation artist, often including bindi)
  28. Rachel Kneebone (English sculptor)
  29. Tali Lennox (British portrait painter, model, and actress)
  30. Tianmiao Lin 林天苗 (Chinese installation artist and textile designer)
  31. Olivia Locher (American photographer)
  32. Aida Mahmudova (Azerbaijan artist and supporter of contemporary art)
  33. Soraida Martinez (American painter of Puerto Rican descent known for social commentary)
  34. Jesse Mockrin (American figurative painter)
  35. Esmaa Mohamoud (African-Canadian sculptor and installation artist)
  36. Alyssa Monks (American painter based in Brooklyn)
  37. Sheila Mullen (Scottish painter)
  38. Eva Navarro (Spanish figurative painter)
  39. Virginia Nimarkoh (British artist and activist)
  40. Aliza Nisenbaum (Mexican-born, New York-based painter, best known for paintings of immigrants)
  41. Cady Noland (American postmodern conceptual sculptor and installation artist)
  42. Lydia Okumura (Brazilian abstract artist)
  43. Janette Parris (English narrative artist who favors comic strips or comic book-like characters)
  44. Jennifer Wynne Reeves (American painter)
  45. Suellen Rocca (Chicago artist and art educator)
  46. Amanda Ross-Ho (Los Angeles-based multi-media artist)
  47. Barbara Rossi (Chicago-based artist)
  48. Lique Schoot (Dutch artist preoccupied with the self-portrait)
  49. Jenny Scobel (American painter)
  50. Tschabalala Self (African American artist who focuses on African American female figures)
  51. Amy Sherald (Baltimore-based American realist painter who focuses on telling African-American stories)
  52. Noriko Shinohara (Brooklyn-based Japanese-American multi-disciplinary artist )
  53. Shoplifter (Hrafnhildur Arnardóttir) (Icelandic artist who works with synthetic and natural hair)
  54. Amy Sillman (American painter, graphic artist and educator)
  55. Sandy Skoglund (American installation artist and photographer)
  56. Emily Mae Smith (Texas-based American narrative painter)
  57. Vicki Stone (American folk artist)
  58. Anita Louise Suazo (Potter of the Santa Clara Pueblo)
  59. Altoon Sultan (American painter)
  60. Pamela Sunstrum (South African figurative artist and designer)
  61. Sarah Sze (American sculptor and installation artist)
  62. Tomoko Takahashi (London-based Japanese artist)
  63. Josephine Taylor (American artist known for large narrative drawing)
  64. Joyce Tenneson (American photographer)
  65. Zoja Trofimiuk (Australian sculptor and printmaker, b. Prague) 
  66. Mym Tuma (American painter)
  67. Alison Turnbull (Colombian-born British painter and sculptor)
  68. Sara VanDerBeek (American photographer and still life artist)
  69. Marianne Vitale (American video artist)
  70. Bettina Werner (Italian-American artist who works in salt)
  71. Emmi Whitehorse (Navajo painter)
  72. Sue Williams (Feminist American painter)
  73. Flo Oy Wong 朱令愛 (Chinese-American mixed media artist)
  74. Melanie Yazzie (Navajo sculptor, painter, and printmaker)
  75. Red Hong Yi (a.k.a. "Red," Malaysian-born artist and architectural designer)
  76. Lisa Yuskavage (American painter based in New York)
  77. Joanna Zastróżna (Polish photographer and filmmaker)
  78. Sable Elyse Smith (African American interdisciplinary artist and writer)

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Artists represented in the Johnson Museum of Art collection:

  1. Jan Gelb (US, no WIkipedia article) New article created by an Australian editor
  2. Elisabeth Masé (Swiss, no English Wikipedia article; German Wikipedia; Wikidata) Article in development

Artists represented in the Johnson Museum's Asia collections who have NO WIKIPEDIA ENTRY:

  1. Ryonen Genso (her work in the HFJ online collection)
  2. Zhou Hu and Zhou Xi (sisters who collaborate) (their work in the HFJ online collection)
  3. Tachihara Shunsa (her work in the HFJ online collection)
  4. Hung Hsien (her work in the HFJ online collection)
  5. Sasaki Haruko (her work in the HFJ online collection)
  6. Minjung Kim (her work in the HFJ online collection)
  7. Yee I-Lann (her work in the HFJ online collection)
  8. Seher Shah (her work in the HFJ online collection)
  9. Fu Xiaotong (her work in the HFJ online collection)
  10. Hui Chi Lee (her work in the HFJ online collection)
  11. Guo Fengyi
  12. Dilyara Kaipova

WikiProject Women in Red has created some excellent worklists of suggested women to work on: ArchitectsArt historiansArt collectorsArt criticsArtistsIllustratorsInstallation artists & printmakersPaintersPhotographersSculptors, and more (by nationality, geography, time period, etc.)

You can also write about a work of art by a female artist, such as Suzanne Valadon's The Abandoned Doll, Mary Cassatt's The Toilette, or Frida Kahlo's Marxism Will Give Health to the Sick [in the Museo Frida Kahlo collection].

Here's a list of hundreds more suggestions:

for Wikipedia pages on contemporary women artists to create from scratch:

  1. Eliza Barrios
  2. Sita Bhaumik
  3. Anna Bjerger
  4. Laura Collins
  5. Yasmin Diaz
  6. Louisa Gagliardi
  7. Heidi Hahn
  8. Jeanette Hayes
  9. Jane LaFarge Hamill
  10. Alejandra Hernandez
  11. Phaan Howng
  12. Jing Yuan Huang
  13. Field Kallop
  14. Caryn Koh
  15. Hein Koh
  16. Becky Kolsrud
  17. Jane Lee
  18. Ellen Macomber
  19. Andrea Mary Marshall
  20. Alex McQuilkin
  21. Alex Nunez
  22. Katarzyna Przezwańska
  23. Gao Rong
  24. Rattana Salee
  25. Sharina Shahrin
  26. Wantanee Siripattananuntakul
  27. Grace Weaver
  28. Rikki Wright

List of Articles to Start

Ithacans suggest these artists (most are contemporary):

  • Moe Angelos, reconcile/clarify this is Maureen Angelos
  • Maria Baranda, represented in Rose Goldsen Archive
  • Audrey Belle
  • Diane Bertolo, represented in Rose Goldsen Archive
  • Nancy Bowen
  • Cristina Casanova, represented in Rose Goldsen Archive
  • Diana Clarke
  • Anne-Marie Duguet, represented in Rose Goldsen Archive
  • Rhys Ernst
  • Alida Fish
  • Josepha Gasch-Muche
  • Cassandra Guan
  • Thérèse Lahaie
  • Ana Lieberman
  • Eva Hsin-i Lin, represented in Rose Goldsen Archive
  • Kristina Logan
  • Natalia Mela
  • Elliot Montague
  • Flora C. Mace and Joey Kirkpatrick
  • Stacey Neff
  • Isabel De Obaldía
  • Zora Palová
  • Celeste Amparo Pfau
  • Regina Celia Pinto, represented in Rose Goldsen Archive
  • Susan Plum
  • Marisa Portolese
  • Sally Pryor, represented in Rose Goldsen Archive
  • Laura de Santillana
  • Biba Schutz
  • Gretchen Van Tassel Shaw
  • Megan Slatoff-Burke, represented in Rose Goldsen Archive
  • Anya Smolnikova
  • Virginia Snedeker
  • Nancy Stiles Southworth
  • Blanche Tilden
  • Nancy Tobin, represented in Rose Goldsen Archive
  • Judy Tuwaletstiwa
  • Terri Weifenbach
  • Abby Luella Zuill
  • Deborah Alameida

  • Alison Ames (Johnson museum artist)

  • Muriel Antoine (Johnson museum artist)

  • Lucy Audubon (Johnson museum artist)

  • Helen Auty (Johnson museum artist)

  • Antonia Uccelo
  • Shen Xin
  • Raphaela Vogel
  • Susan Grossman
  • Ad Minoliti
  • Cristina Quarles
  • Liu Shiyuan
  • Marianna Simnett
  • Melody Hansen
  • Marialaura Fedi
  • Molly Mendoza
  • Jennifer Bouron
  • Loie Hollowell
  • Lu Yang
  • Raque Ford
  • Eva LeWitt
  • Cheyenne Julien
  • Helen Downie
  • Esther Gauntlett
  • Jenny Cheng
  • Monica Hernandez
  • Jeannette Hayes
  • Sara Magenheimer
  • Nathalie Provosty
  • Lauren Halsey
  • Brook Hsu
  • Maryam Hoseini
  • Andrea McGinty
  • Motoko Fukuyama
  • Pia Camil
  • Maria Taniguchi
  • Avery K Singer
  • Sarah Pabst
  • Ilana Harris-Babou
  • Jordan Kasey
  • Hailey Martell
  • Ser Serpas
  • Emily Weiner
  • Ashley Lukashevsky
  • Laura Berger
  • Seonna Hong
  • Berta Hansson
  • Vera Nilsson
  • Ninnan Stantesson
  • Eva Zettervall
  • Elli Hemberg
  • Alex Mawimbi
  • Elizabeth Huey
  • Meriem Bennani
  • Kelly Akashi
  • Meriem Bennani
  • Lauren Davis Fisher
  • Valarie Keane
  • Becky Kolsrud
  • Margaux Ogden
  • Caitlin Keogh
  • Bunny Rogers
  • Tschabalala Self