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In 2024, we are encouraging people to expand short articles (especially "stubs," or very barebones articles) that need help. We are eliciting your help in building a list of suggested articles to enhance and new ones to create. This year, our focus is solidarity, so we are focusing our editing on art, artists, musicians, writers, and performers (or broadly, people) affected by or displaced by violence.

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  • Noor Abuarafeh (Palestinian visual artist)
  • Laila Ajjawi (Arabic: ليلى عجاوي, Palestinian activist, graffiti artist, muralist, and digital artist based in Jordan)
  • Rada Akbar (Pashto: رادا اکبر; Afghan-born conceptual artist and photographer)
  • Azra Akšamija (Bosnian-Austrian artist and architectural historian)
  • Nidaa Badwan (Palestinian artist born in the United Arab Emirates)
  • Khadija Baker (Syrian Kurdish/Canadian performance artist)
  • Yael Bartana (Hebrew: יעל ברתנא; Israeli artist, filmmaker and photographer)
  • Fatemeh Behboudi (Persian: فاطمه بهبودی; Iranian photojournalist and documentary photographer)
  • Clara Campoamor Rodríguez (Spanish politician, lawyer and writer, considered by some the mother of the Spanish feminist movement) 
  • Dar Yusuf Nasri Jacir for Art and Research (artist-run space for artistic, educational, cultural and agricultural exchange and research in Bethlehem, West Bank)
  • Mattie Do (Lao: ແມດດີ ໂດ; Laotian American horror film director)
  • Amna Elhassan (Arabic: آمنة الحسن, Sudanese artist and architect)
  • Foundland (art collective)
  • Eythar Gubara (Arabic: ايثار جبارة, Sudanese photographer and activist)
  • Alexandra Sophia Handal (Haiti-born Palestinian artist, filmmaker and essayist)
  • Mona Hatoum (Arabic: منى حاطوم; British-Palestinian multimedia and installation artist)
  • Michal Heiman ((Hebrew: מיכל היימן; artist, curator, theoretician and activist)
  • Gulshan Hossain (Bengali: সৈয়দা মরিয়ম গুলশান হোসেন; Bangladeshi painter and installation artist)
  • Olesya Hudyma (Ukrainian painter).
  • Šejla Kamerić (Bosnian visual artist)
  • Hung Liu (劉虹; Chinese-born American painter)
  • Mai Neng Moua (Hmong-American writer)
  • Farah Nosh  (Arabic: فرح نوش; Iraqi Canadian photographer)
  • Kim O’Bomsawin (Indigenous filmmaker of Abenaki origin)
  • Katerina Omelchuk (Ukrainian: Катерина Володимирівна Омельчук; Ukrainian painter)
  • Arsha Amartsumovna Ovanesova (Armenian: Արշա Օվանեսովա, Russian: Арша Амбарцумовна Ованесова; 1906 – 1990; Soviet Armenian documentary film director, screenplay writer, actress, and educator)
  • Vlada Ralko (Ukrainian: Влада Ралко; Ukrainian painter)
  • REDress Project (Public art installation created in response to the missing and murdered Indigenous women in Canada and the US)
  • Lotty Rosenfeld (Chilean interdisciplinary artist)
  • Jackie Salloum (Palestinian/Syrian American artist and filmmaker)
  • Sarah Shamma (Arabic: سارة شمّة; Syrian painter)
  • Malina Suliman (Afghan graffiti artist, metalworker and painter)
  • Rayma Suprani (Venezuelan cartoonist)
  • Gerda Taro (German war photographer killed while covering the Spanish Civil War)
  • Ka Vang (Hmong-American writer)
  • Mika Yamamoto (山本 美香, Yamamoto Mika; Japanese video and photojournalist killed while covering the Syrian Civil War)
  • Suad Amiry (Palestinian author and architect)
  • Rana Samara (Palestinian painter)
  • Tamam Al-Akhal (Palestinian artist and educator living in Jordan)
  • Ahlam Shibli (Palestinian photographer)
  • Juliana Seraphim (Palestinian-born painter)
  • Wang Su-bok (North Korean singer whose work was considered a forerunner to modern K-pop)
  • Erika Diettes (Colombian visual artist)

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