How to read citations

Cornell University Code of Academic Integrity

By properly citing the sources you use in your research projects, you are both identifying the resources that you used to complete your work and you are formally acknowledging the authors or creators of those resources. This allows others to find what you have found and to verify your research.

How do you read a citation?

Think of a citation as an organized method of stating where you found your information. Once you understand the basics of the citation, it is fairly easy to use in your own paper. Watch the video below to learn about how to read a citation.



Chicago Manual of Style is commonly used when citing sources in the physical sciences, as well as the humanities. 

American Psychological Association style is commonly used when citing resources in the physical sciences, as well as the social sciences. 

  •  Purdue OWL also hosts a guide for successfully using APA citations within your papers


Zotero is a web-based program that allows you to easily collect and organize citations from web sites and databases. Zotero also interfaces directly with Word, making it easy to import references and incorporate them into your writing, properly formatted according to the style of your choice. 

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