Hands-On Activities

Getting Started with Mendeley

  1. Create an account at mendeley.com. 
  2. Create a personal profile. This helps others find your papers, and you can keep track of the use.
  3. Download the free software onto your computer. Download the web importer too under the Tools menu.
  4. Start adding your reference materials to your Mendeley library (see next)
  5. Create a library by giving it a name.
    • Import a citation from Google Scholar
    • import a citation from PubMed or Web of Science or another database you use
    • Drag and drop a PDF - highlight and annotate (write a note)
    • Don't forget to Sync Mendeley deskltop.

Format a Bibliography

  1. To format a bibliography you'll need the citation plugin. Download it via the Tools menu in Mendeley Desktop. (Make sure Word is closed first).
  2. Open a document in Word, a blank one is fine. Try typing and inserting some citations from the floating toolbar in Word.
  3. Format them in a style.Create a bibliography using "insert bibliography" on the floating toolbar.
  4. If you need to edit a citation style, go to http://csl.mendeley.com/about/.

Join a Group

  • From Mendeley.com click on Groups. Look for a group to follow. 
  • Create a new group and invite your colleagues. You will need to upgrade to premium in order to create more than 1 group and invite more than 2 people.

Complete your Personal Profile

  • Complete your personal profile to add papers publications, which allows others to find your work. Click Stats to see use.