About Subject Headings

Being aware of how to use Subject Headings can greatly improve your searching experience. While you can always start your search with keywords, pay attention to Subject Headings in the catalog record. These will help you identify other relevant material.


Works on a Individual Literary Author

For works on an individual author, search by Last Name, First Name, using the Subject filter:

Topic in Literature

Append the phrase "In Literature" to almost any topic to find books on how the topic is treated in literary works:

Literature by Region or Genre

Search for works on literatures or specific genres by country:

These headings can be sub-divided by format, time period, or topic, for example:

  • Colombian Literature -- 19th Century -- History and Criticism
  • Chilean Literature -- 20th Century -- Social Aspects
  • Colombian Literature -- 19th Century -- History and Criticism
  • Peruvian Literature -- Indian Authors -- History and Criticism
  • Spanish Literature -- Classical Period, 1500-1700 -- Italian Influences

Authors by Nationality

Works on authors can be found by searching Authors, [Nationality]:

You can also look for certain types of authors by nationality:

  • Dramatists, Brazilian
  • Novelists, Brazilian
  • Poets, Nicaraguan
  • Women Authors, Caribbean
  • Authors, Venezuela
These headings can be sub-divided by format, time period, or topic, for example:
  • Dramatists, Brazilian -- 20th Century -- Biography
  • Novelists, Brazilian - Correspondence
  • Poets, Nicaraguan -- 20th Century
  • Women Authors, Caribbean -- Biography
  • Authors, Venezuelan -- 20th Century -- Interviews

Additional Subject Headings

You may find Subject Headings for literary or critical movements. Sometimes these will be followed by a literature-related word in parentheses to distinguish, for example, Modernism in literature from Modernism in aesthetics, art, Christian theology, music, etc.

  • Ecocriticism
  • Modernism (Literature)
  • Romanticism

Or try subject headings for the relationships between literature and other subjects:

  • Politics and literature
  • Literature and history
  • Religion and literature
  • Gay Men's Writing

These headings can be sub-divided by country or geographical region, format, time period, or topic, for example:

  • Modernism (Literature)- Brazil
  • Politics and Literature -- Argentina -- History -- 20th Century
  • Religion and literature -- Spain -- Bibliography
  • Gay Men's Writing - Cuban -- History and Criticism

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