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Assess the Dissertation as a form of publication:

  • what should a dissertation look like?
  • What forms do dissertations in your field typically take?
  • Is there a literature review?
  • Where does it appear?
  • How is it typically structured?
  • How long and involved is the introduction (sometimes called the statement of purpose), methods (or research design), and analysis sections? Are they present?


The basic search box searches full text, which will bring back a HUGE set of results. Try the advanced search function for much greater control. 

Once you've got some results:

For recent dissertations, in the "citation" screen, check for references and other documents with shared references and cataloging terms. This is NOT available for all dissertations, only for recent dissertations submitted electronically.

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Cornell's Grad School has produced some literature to help you through the writing phase of the dissertation. This is by Jan Allen, Associate Dean.

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