Prep Assignment for Wednesday, Jan. 19

Look over the list of projects below. Depending on your interests, choose (a) one or two of the Large Team Projects, and (b) one or two of the projects created by the students.

For each of your chosen projects,

  1. Interact with the site and its tool(s) until you have a good feeling for the project’s scope, goals, and capabilities.
  2. Read any associated “About” information to get a sense of the who the project’s creators are (and how many of them there are), what tools were used in the creation, what its data sources are, and any sources of funding.

A few questions you might want to consider:

  • What's the purpose of the project, and who is the intended audience? Scholarly researchers, students, general public, a combination?
  • Is the project primarily meant as a secondary source -- in other words, is it meant for the presentation of original research, much like an analog book or article? Or is it meant to be used as primary material for others’ research or creative work? Or is it some combination of these two types?
  • How might the project be used to generate new research questions -- or answers? For the project's creator? For other researchers or students?
  • Can you identify the source of the project's underlying dataset? (Remember that text and images and other information can be used as "data"!) How was the dataset created or where was it found?
  • If the underlying data is still being compiled, how is it being compiled? Are the creators using crowdsourcing or public engagement methods for collecting data?
  • Are the project’s creator(s) writing (or have they already written) published works derived from their digital project?
  • In what ways do find the project successful or unsuccessful?
  • What are your questions?

List of Projects

Large Projects


Primary Sources and Digital Publishing

Datasets & Databases


Projects by Graduate Students