Passkey. An easier way to access databases off campus. For more information, please go to




Do you live off-campus? Do you contemplate needing to use databases while traveling? Are you having difficulty getting access to licensed library resources? (i.e. databases, e-books, your library account)?

If so, try using PassKey. PassKey is a "bookmarklet" designed to give Cornell community members access to licensed library resources while they are away from campus.

Passkey Bookmarklet 

Helpful Books & Articles on Academic Writing

A bibliography of helpful titles on the topic of academic (and dissertation) writing is available as a Zotero group library.

Add items to your personal Zotero library by selecting and exporting them.
Or, join the Zotero group, or subscribe to its feed.

Privileges at Borrow Direct Partner Libraries

Current Cornell students may apply for borrowing privileges at eleven partner libraries in the borrow direct consortium through BorrowDirect Plus. This requires a bit of advance planning, of course, but can be very useful.

Library Services


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Free to the Cornell community: cloud storage and collaborative tools via BOX. Use it on the web, as a standalone application, or download an app to your device.

Research Consultations

Request a research consultation for assistance or guidance on any research project, from seminar paper to dissertation.