The Greek story (2011)

The Latest Greek Drama:  Government Statistics (NPR All Things Considered, Dec. 2011)

How Office Politics Could Take Down Europe (NPR Planet Money podcast, Dec. 2011)

Euro trends

European Central Bank (ECB) EU agency charged with managing the euro and monetary policyOffers customizable  Euro exchange rates and trend graphs.

Election Statistics for Europe and European Countries

Elections in Europe:  a data handbook, ed. Dieter Nohlen and Philip Stover.  Not just data -- for each country, also an essay with political history, and an extensive bibliography. Online, and Olin Ref JN45.E6 2010  A precious lode of detail and scholarship.

Elections in Western Europe Since 1815: electoral results by constituencies, by Daniele Caramani (2000)  Olin Ref JN94.A95 C368x 2000.  Print plus CD-ROM. (Also ILR Ref)

Encyclopaedia of European Elections, ed Yves Déloye and Michael Bruter (2007) Olin Ref JN36.E53 2007  "This volume looks at the connection between the 2004 European [i.e., "European Parliament" elections and their historical background, allowing for an explanation of their connection with what has been and will be their future." (p. xvi)

The New Voter in Western Europe:  France and beyond, ed. Bruno Cautrès and Anne Muxel.  Olin JN94.A95 N49 2011

Parties and Elections in Europe A privately maintained database containing "the results of legislative elections from all European countries and more than 100 subdivisions."

European Election Database  "The primary goal of this website is to facilitate comparative research on elections in Europe." Regional election results, most of which are aggregated to correspond with the EU's NUTS definition.

Also, for background:  Statistical Sources for Social Research on Western Europe 1945-1995: a guide to social statistics, by Franz Rothenbacher. Olin HA1107.R68 1998.

And:  The Oxford Handbook of Contextual Political Analysis, ed. Robert E. Goodin and Charles Tilly(2006)  Online, and Olin Room 405 (non-circulating) JA71.094 2008

European Union migration/immigration policy and data

EU Immigration Portal: Migration and Home Affairs

Immigration Policy (European Parliament Fact Sheet)

Migrants in Europe (EUROSTAT Statistical Books, 2011)

Migration Policy Centre (European University Insititute, Florence, Italy)

World Migration Report 2020 (International Organization on Migration)