Sample reference questions

Q - I need articles on maglev trains (other topics - mechatronix, synthetic biology)

A - search Engineering Village

Q - What is the thermal expansion coefficient of Tungsten.

A - search materials data properties finder in Knovel

Q - I need this standard - ASTM A962 - where do I find it? How about ISO standards?

A - ASTM Standards digital library; we order others on request. There are 94,000 standards, so we can't own them all. We do order them in print and have them cataloged for Uris Reference (so they don't go out on interlibrary loan. It's fine if they are loaned out to Cornell patrons). We buy them by IHS Global. License restrictions do not allow us to email PDFs of standards.

Q - I need this patent US 4464652 Cursor control devise

A - Google Patents has them, also Derwent Innovations Index, which can list them by number of citations.

Q - I need this conference proceeding.

Author - Loth, F; Yardimci, M. A. "Hydrodynamic modeling of cerebrospinal fluid motion with spinal cavity," Transactions of the ASME. Journal of biomechanical engineering. vol 123, no 1, p. 71-9

A. Search by "Journal of biomechanical engineering" if you can't find it under the transactions title.

Q . I need this conference proceeding, which is actually more like a book.

Author - Kubo, S..."Advanced FIB mask repair technology for ArF lithography." Proceedings SPIE volume 1486, p. 158-64.

A. Search SPIE 1486 will find this monograph quickly.

Q. I need a technical report. Ex. AD758196 Numerical Model of the Equatorial Electrojet, author Richmond, A.D. Air Force Cambridge Research Lab, 1972.

A. - Search the NTRL which stands for National Technical Report Library. Can download technical reports in PDF. If they are at annex they can be scanned, check our technical report libguide for other options, and ask the librarians at