The Garment Supply Chain

One of the most apparent aims of Unraveled is to pull back the curtain on the different steps in the Garment Supply Chain.  Supply Chain Research is generally quite difficult.  Companies are not usually required to release information about their supply chain, and since the supply chain can give a company a competitive edge, it's unusual for companies to voluntarily release that information.  

That's part of what makes Unraveled such a compelling read.  It dives into first hand accounts of information that is generally very difficult to find.

Below are some additional options for learning more about the garment supply chain.


Reuse & Recycling

Garment Manufacturing

"Manufacturing" encompasses various potential processes in the supply chain from spinning to weaving, to dyeing to cutting, to sewing and potentially much more.

Information on actual manufacturing processes are notoriously difficult to find.  Companies are not required to release information on how they create items.  As a matter of fact, most companies will make every effort to keep this information private because the manufacturing process may give them a competitive edge.  This is why Maxine had to visit factories to learn about the manufacturing process.

Industry Reports can give you an idea of what is important to some manufacturers. There will be little, if any, information on the process however.

Wholesale & Retail