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LA 6940.003: Special Topics in Landscape Architecture (Spring 2023)

GIS-related resources for LA 6940.003, taught by Prof. Anne Weber

New York websites

  • New York State GIS Clearinghouse -- data from state, county, and local governments. Many datasets are freely available, while others require a Cooperative Member login. Cornell University is a member, so if you find any datasets requiring a login, contact for access.
  • DATA.NY.GOV -- This site also includes non-geospatial data, so limit the search results to "Maps" (under "view types" on the left). To download, click the "Export" button and look for a "shapefile", "KML", "GeoJSON", or other GIS data format. For many point datasets, you'll need to download as CSV, which is a tabular format that contains longitude and latitude coordinates.
  • CUGIR -- the Cornell University Geospatial Information Repository, provides free and open access to geospatial data for New York State and beyond.
  • Discover GIS Data NY -- provides imagery, elevation, and lidar data for New York state.

United States websites