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LA 6940.003: Special Topics in Landscape Architecture (Spring 2023)

GIS-related resources for LA 6940.003, taught by Prof. Anne Weber

Specific datasets and websites

NYS Civil Boundaries -- counties, towns, villages, etc.

NYS Streets

NYS Parcel Boundaries -- note that not all counties have publically-available parcel data

NY State Parks and Historic Sites

NYS Dams

NLCD Land Cover, New York, 2019 -- basic landcover (forests, cropland, water, developed areas, etc.)

Historical Railroads, 1826-1911 -- could assist with rail trail development

Cargill Salt Mine -- To download the data, click "Open in ArcGIS Desktop" and select the software you are using (ArcMap or ArcGIS Pro). Depending on which one you pick, the download file will be either "item.pitemx" or "item.pkinfo". These files cannot be opened from within those programs. Rather, you will need to double-click on the file, and it should automatically launch and open within the required program.