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Printing Support FAQs and Troubleshooting for CU Print

Some Frequently Asked Questions and Solutions for Printing at Cornell. Most links will direct to a solution at CIT Pages. CIT owns CU Print.

CIT Support & Schedule an Appointment

For issues outside of your expertise, please refer patrons to CIT for help.   For install and printing issues that arise Monday through Friday from 9 am to 5 pm, patrons can schedule a Microsoft Teams appointment with CIT from this link:   Patrons will need to authenticate with Cornell credentials.  


Known Issues

Newer Issues/Solutions: 

  • Software installed but nothing is printing
    • Restart the computer after installing the software. 
    • Macs may have an outdated OS. Patron may need to update their computer. 
  • Print jobs on Macs continually loading ("accepting")  
    • Has the patron restarted the computer after installing the software? 
    • Are they on EduRoam Wifi? Printing will not work with Red Rover. 
    • Is their computer up to date? May be using outdated OS and will need to update their computer.