Cornell Law Library is proud to offer faculty and students support to maximize scholarly impact and readership. Part of this support includes uploading abstracts, working papers, or final published papers to SSRN. To get upload support from the law library, please upload your content to the form below or email lawscholarship@cornell.edu.

Note that if you elect to upload your content to SSRN yourself and need library support later, there may be a delay in the library receiving permission from SSRN to edit your submission. If we upload for you we can make quick and efficient edits to SSRN submissions as needed. The library is also able to ensure submissions we handle are included in the Cornell Legal Studies Research Paper series on SSRN. 

The Social Science Research Network (SSRN) is a huge open-access repository for scholarly papers in law and other disciplines. SSRN has over 750,000 abstracts—and most of the papers are available for free download (PDF). It is a great tool for research (finding and getting access to papers), for disseminating information (authors sharing their papers), and for keeping up with new developments. You can use SSRN to claim a topic so it is not preempted by other scholars, get feedback from colleagues, and highlight changes to a paper over time.

Final versions of scholarship can also be uploaded to the Cornell institutional repository, an open-access platform where faculty and students can post a wide variety of content, including: 

  • Journal articles;
  • Thesis / dissertations; 
  • Panel presentations;
  • Book chapters;
  • Newspaper, magazine, or blog articles;
  • and more!

In contrast to SSRN, the institutional repository is concerned about your scholarship remaining accessible and that it is preserved for the historical record. SSRN is great for new scholarship, claiming a topic, and being a part of the current scholarly community. The institutional repository is the perfect place to collect the final versions of your scholarship for long term preservation and to get readership for older works. If you have any questions please email lawscholarship@cornell.edu.