This LibGuide outlines author profiles online that may be useful to Cornell Law Faculty. For assistance with any of these, please contact or your liaison librarian

This LibGuide does not cover Digital Object Identifiers ("DOIs") generally, but you may learn more about DOIs and their potential value to legal scholarship by reading Persistent Identifiers and the Next Generation of Legal Scholarship (by Aaron Retteen and Malikah Hall, a former librarian at Cornell Law), available on SSRN: If you want to locate the DOI of a particular journal article, you may try using this CrossRef interface:


ORCID provides a persistent digital identifier (an ORCID iD) that you own and control, and that distinguishes you from every other researcher. You can connect your iD with your professional information — affiliations, grants, publications, peer review, and more. You can use your iD to share your information with other systems, ensuring you get recognition for all your contributions, saving you time and hassle, and reducing the risk of errors.

In July 2020, ORCID's integration with HeinOnline should allow publications listed in one's ORCID profile to be automatically imported into one's HeinOnline Author Profile. This can be especially helpful to capture citations to works that aren't currently on HeinOnline. 

Creating your ORCID account should take less than two minutes, and you should contact your liaison librarian if you would like help. If you add your library liaison as a "Trusted Individual" for your ORCID profile, the library can help manage your ORCID account for you. 

Cornell University Libraries has additional information at its Guide to ORCID

ORCID and HeinOnline have announced that, as of July 2020, data from ORCID profiles may be imported into HeinOnline Author Profiles. 

HeinOnline Author Profiles

Hein provides basic information about its Author Profile Pages online. These Author Profiles are necessary to compute HeinOnline's citation ranking formula, ScholarRank. Hein has some basic advice on how to edit one's own HeinOnline Author Profile page. The library can also make some edits to your HeinOnline Author Profile on your behalf. Hein also provides information about integrating one's ORCID ID with HeinOnline.

If you're a tenured or tenure-track faculty member at Cornell Law, your Author Profile has already been linked to our institution. The library has already engaged in some work to ensure publications using all forms of your name have been associated with your profile and are being included in your citation counts on HeinOnline. 

If you'd like any assistance managing your Author Profile on HeinOnline, please reach out to your library liaison and we can help you. Alternatively, you can take steps to manage your own HeinOnline Author Profile. 

Claiming Your HeinOnline Author Profile and Managing Your HeinOnline Author Profile:

Anyone with a publication on HeinOnline may have an Author Profile, not just tenured or tenure-track faculty members of a Law School. 

  1. Find an article on HeinOnline that you have authored. Select your hyperlinked name to be brought to the existing Author Profile. 
  2. To claim your Author Profile, ensure that Cornell Law School is the institution attached to that Author Profile and that your Cornell email address is is attached to that Author Profile. To add these, select the Edit Author Profile icon in the top right and submit those two additions in the Request Form. Once they are added, the Author Profile will be associated with Cornell Law School and more readily editable.
  3. If you'd like to edit your Author Profile yourself (instead of letting the Cornell Law Library edit it), you must also create a MyHein login for yourself. To do this, go to HeinOnline, select MyHein in the upper right menu bar, then select Create an Account and follow the setup instructions. You should also use your Cornell email address when registering this account and list Cornell Law School as the Institution. 


Google Scholar profiles

There is a helpful guide on setting up and maintaining Google Scholar profiles

Unfortunately, Google does not allow the library to create or maintain a Google Scholar profile on a faculty member's behalf.