Use a Citation Manager to Track & Critique Results

The Ethics of Scholarly Work

Points to remember from Machi and McEvoy (The literature review: Six steps to success. Corwin Press, 2016.)

  • Do not take data out of context
  • Do your own research
  • Present only what you believe to be factual
  • Present all sides of the question
  • Plagiarism can easily sneak into a review unless it is carefully avoided
  • You must be the sole writer of your literature review

Write the Final Review

• Remember to “Build an argument, not a library” (Rudestam K. & Newton R. (1992) Surviving your dissertation. London:Sage)
• Try “Writing while you collect and collecting while you write.” (Wellington J., Bathmaker A., Hunt C., McCulloch G., & Sikes P. (2005) Succeeding with your doctorate. London:Sage)
• Set boundaries on your topic – and a deadline, if needed!
• Remember that everything you write should be to support your main point

When to Stop Searching

This chart demonstrates that the researcher should stop searching once the number of new citations has reached a plateau.