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Marsha Taichman
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JSTOR is a growing digital library that includes multiple types and formats of content. In 2021, JSTOR began to bring Artstor to JSTOR, to create a robust platform for discovering and working with both text and images. Throughout 2021 and into 2022, images from Artstor collections are being added to JSTOR, and JSTOR platform features and functionality are evolving to support work with multiple formats of research materials.

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AP Images

Associated Press Images.
An electronic library containing the AP's current photos from their 50 million image print and negative library, as well as charts, graphs, tables, and maps from the AP's graphics portfolio.


Here's an example of the kind of images you can find:

Washington, D.C. Sewing room of self-help exchange by John Collier, January 1942
John Collier. Washington, D.C. Sewing room of self-help exchange. January, 1942.

Databases & Collections

The library subscribes to or has built a number of image databases that are excellent sources of images you can download and add to your papers and other projects. You need to keep in mind that some of them have licensing restricts that prohibit the re-publication (including open web publishing, such as on a blog or on social networking sites) of images you download. There are also quite a few digital collections that are free and open on the web. Use the library Visual Resources page for links and information about how best to use ARTstor and other image databases.

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Cornell Library's Visual Resources page

Johnson Museum Online

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Digital Collections

There are lots of great online collections that are free and open on the web, many of them on museum websites. Here are a few that may offer some good images of women reading: