Site Reports

Site reports are core sources of archaeological excavation. They provide the nuts and bolts of excavation sites, features and artifacts found. These sources include the location and size of an archaeological site, its chronological placement, the extent of the excavation, architecture, floor plans, artifacts, drawings and photographs. They also include the quantities and types of artifacts found. This allows other archaeologists to make comparisons and interpretations of the past. Site reports are published a monographs, e.g., Tell Sabi Abyad, as chapters in edited books, or as articles in journals.

Site Reports in Books

To find Site Reports published as books or monographs in our catalog use the following words as a Subject Heading:

Excavations Archaeology (insert name of country OR site name) -- for example, Excavations Archaeology Rome


(insert name of country OR site name OR people) antiquities-- for example Narbonne France Antiquities or Great Britain Antiquities, Roman