Mann Library Instruction Program for Fall 2020

Are you interested in having your students learn more about information and digital literacy skills? The Mann Library Instruction Team offers a range of options to meet your needs in this ever changing educational landscape.

Librarians are eager to help you develop a suite of materials and to determine the most appropriate mode of delivery for your needs.

Questions about the instruction program can be addressed to:


Information and Digital Literacy Instruction Options

Synchronous Instruction via Zoom

  • Librarians can be invited to your class via Zoom to deliver instruction by sharing screens and demonstrating skills.
  • Chat option allows for questions and answers.
  • Break out rooms provide an option for small group discussion.
  • Students could complete an activity or tutorial prior to session. 

Asynchronous Instruction

  • Librarians can pre-record an instruction session rather than offering it "live."
  • Power Point and LibWizard tutorials have already been created on a range of topics.
  • Some tutorials have built-in quizzes to assess comprehension.
  • Tutorials can be assigned to students without involvement of librarians.
  • Librarians can also partner with you to assess student learning and/or to provide follow up assistance.

Learning Materials in Canvas

  • A range of stand alone learning objects can be incorporated into Canvas or your own Power Points.
  • These include videos, tutorials and infographics -- some created by Cornell librarians, some by other libraries.
  • Tools can be available to students without librarian involvement.

Library Guides (Research Guides)