Mann Library Instruction Program for Fall 2021

Are you interested in having your students learn more about information and digital literacy skills? The Mann Library Instruction Team offers a range of options to meet your needs in this ever changing educational landscape.

Librarians are eager to help you structure an instruction session that includes content related to your course assignments. We will work with you to deliver that content in a way that works best with your needs and those of your students.

Delivery options are highlighted on this page. Resources on different topics are included in this guide and can be used by you, as the course instructor, into CANVAS or included in a class presentation.

Questions about the instruction program can be addressed to:


Information and Digital Literacy Instruction Options

In-Person Instruction

  • Librarians will provide instruction for your students in your classroom or in the library computer lab (if available)
  • Library computer lab accommodates 36 students with a computer for each student
  • Hands-on activities can be incorporated into the instruction session

Synchronous Instruction via Zoom

  • Librarians can be invited to your class via Zoom to deliver instruction by sharing screens and demonstrating skills.
  • Chat option allows for questions and answers.
  • Break out rooms provide an option for small group discussion.
  • Students could complete an activity or tutorial prior to session. 

Asynchronous Instruction

  • Librarians can pre-record an instruction session rather than offering it "live."
  • Power Point and LibWizard tutorials have already been created on a range of topics.
  • Some tutorials have built-in quizzes to assess comprehension.
  • Tutorials can be assigned to students without involvement of librarians.
  • Librarians can also partner with you to assess student learning and/or to provide follow up assistance.

Learning Materials in Canvas

  • A range of stand alone learning objects can be incorporated into Canvas or your own Power Points.
  • These include videos, tutorials and infographics -- some created by Cornell librarians, some by other libraries.
  • Tools can be available to students without librarian involvement.

Library Guides (Research Guides)