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Asian 1111--Hot Cold War: Asia and Culture: Home

Session Objectives

 In today's session we will cover:

* Using the Library Catalog to locate resources
* Identifying useful databases and finding articles
* Requesting items not held by CUL
* Expose yourself to topic summaries, key concepts and terminology using reference sources

* Interpreting citations and knowing how to search for the materials they represent

Getting Help
Ask a Librarian!

Welcome to the Library!

Practice Assignment

You have been assigned to write a research paper investigating some aspect of the relation of visual arts to the politics of the Cold War. 

Varieties of Approach:

1) Where would you begin your investigations of this topic?

2) What keywords would you use for searching the library catalog, the internet, and CUL's databases?


Part 1: Find a full-length book related to your topic.  (Note: Don't ignore full-length books simply because you may not have time to read them in full.  You can use a table of contents and/or index to focus in on areas of interest, and/or skim the introduction to get a sense of the field of research and the book's place in it.  Raid the bibliographies/footnotes of recent books to identify additional authors and materials.)

Part 2: Identify a quality database that you can search for scholarly articles.

Part 3: Expand/refine your keywords after trying out various searches

Part 4: Find one scholarly article on your topic.

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