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Personal Branding Resources

What is Personal Branding?

"In a pre-digital business era, building a personal brand meant owning a bunch of business cards that you could share at various events and social gatherings. If you wanted to go the extra mile, you would hire someone to design a custom logo for you.

The development of digital technologies and social media has led personal branding to an entirely new level. With competition being fiercer than ever, individuals have to get more creative with self-promotion and personal branding in order to secure high-quality clients or customers.

In the simplest of terms, a personal brand is an image you’ve created around your own professional self. It should represent a combination of skills and experiences that are unique to you (and not your company or product)."

Source: Jovancic, Nemanja. 5 Personal Brand Examples That Illustrate the Best Branding Practices. (2018, December 14). Retrieved July 11, 2019, from LeadQuizzes Blog website.


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