Selected List of STEM Diversity Resources

This guide lists resources purchased primarily since 2021 - Selective List of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging books in STEM
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Table of Contents
Muticultural Counseling, Empathy, Teaching Techniques Women in STEM Racism, People of Color
LGBTQ+ Indigenous People Disabilities, Ageism, Assistive Technology
Engineering/Environmental Justice    

Besides this list, another way to search for resources is by keywords and subject headings in the library catalog, for example: 

  • Inclusive education, implicit bias, BIPOC, microagressions; STEM plus diversity, equity, inclusion, belonging, and minorities
  • Diversity in the workforce, LGBTQ, racism, racial justice, social justice, climate justice; racism in higher eduction, race awareness, indigenous, disablility, engineering ethics
  • Women in science, women in engineering, women scientists, gender diversity

We encourage you to submit titles we can order for the library. Many publishers have diversity titles which we may own through our ebook packages. Titles we own should be in the catalog. See Springer (including Synthesis Lectures), Wiley, Elsevier, and various engineering societies

Multicultural Counseling, Empathy, Teaching Techniques

Racism, People of Color

Indigenous People

Selected List of STEM Diversity Resources (unsorted)


Engineering/Environmental Justice

Disabilities, Ageism, Assistive Technology

Women in STEM