PADM 5900: Consulting for Government and Nonprofit Organizations (Spring 2018)

Pre-Class Assignment

Before the library session, please do the following:

  • Everyone should fill out the assessment below and the pre-class survey to the right 

Forming Research Questions

When thinking about your research questions, you need to consider the evidence on what's been done before, what methods have been used, and what other policy experts have done.

The 5Ws

Need more help figuring out how to form your research question? Use this tutorial on the 5Ws method of question formation.

Pre-class survey

Research Log

Research is a process and you'll want to keep a log of what you are doing so you don't reduplicate your work or miss steps or useful information; this becomes especially when you are working in a group. Research logs can help. There's an example below that you can copy by choosing File>Make a Copy.

EXERCISE: Using a copy of the research log, state your topic(s) as a phrase or question, break it up into the main concepts you need to search, and think of keywords. Also think about what kind of information you need (organizational background, peer-reviewed primary research articles, systematic reviews or meta-analyses, evaluation reports, data, foundation or think tank reports, etc).