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American Literary Magazines In Olin Library: Magazines

A finding guide to current U.S. poetry and fiction magazines in Olin Library.

Location Guide to Selected American Poetry & Fiction Magazines in Olin Library

The list below includes contemporary U.S. fiction and poetry magazines to which the Cornell University Library currently subscribes. It is not comprehensive, nor does it display titles which have ceased publication, so be sure to check the Cornell Library Catalog for specific titles not shown here. Click on the tabs above for other resources useful to poetry and fiction writers.

Note: Back issue content for titles marked with an asterisk (*) can be found in JSTOR. Back issue content for titles marked with a dagger () is available in Project MUSE.

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Title Call Number Location of Current Issues
Abraxas PS301 A16 stacks - 7th floor
Agni PS501 A27 Current Periodicals Room
American Letters & Commentary PS1 A49 stacks - 7th floor
American Literary Review PS536.2 A51+ stacks - 7th floor
American Poetry Review  * PS1 A514++ Current Periodicals Room
American Scholar AP2 A587 Current Periodicals Room
Another Chicago Magazine PS501 A61 stacks - 7th floor
Antioch Review  * AP2 A62 Current Periodicals Room
Ascent PS501 A81 stacks - 7th floor; print version ceased 2009
Assaracus: a journal of gay poetry PN6110.H65 A88 stacks - 6th floor
Atlantic Monthly AP2 A88+ Current Periodicals Room
Aufgabe PN 1 A84 stacks - 6th floor
Bamboo Ridge Kroch PS 571 H3 B19 Kroch Library (Asia)
Barrow Street PS615 B37 Current Periodicals Room
Beloit Poetry Journal PS301 B45 stacks - 7th floor
Best American Poetry PS580 B56 stacks - 7th floor
Best American Short Stories PZ1 B56 stacks - 7th floor
Black Warrior Review PS501 B62 stacks - 7th floor
Blue Mesa Review PS1 B65 stacks - 7th floor
Blueline PS501 B67 stacks - 7th floor
BOMB  * NX458 B69 ++ Current Periodicals Room
Bombay Gin PS 501 B69+ stacks - 7th floor
Boston Review PN2 N515++ Current Periodicals Room
Boulevard PS501 B76 stacks - 7th floor
Callaloo PS508 N3 C15 Current Periodicals Room
Calyx PS508 W7 C16 stacks - 7th floor
Camera Obscura TR550 C36 URIS Library stacks
Carolina Quarterly LH1 N7 C29 stacks - 6th floor
Chicago Review  * AP2 C53 Current Periodicals Room
Cimarron Review AP2 C57 Current Periodicals Room
Cincinnati Review PS536.3 C56 stacks - 7th floor
Colorado Review PN 2 C71 stacks - 6th floor
Columbia PN6010.5 C72 stacks - 6th floor
The Common AP2 C652 stacks - Level B
Conduit PS501 C66 + Current Periodicals Room
Confrontation PS1 C73 stacks - 7th floor
Conjunctions PN6010.5 C75 Current Periodicals Room
Crazyhorse PS580 C91 stacks - 7th floor
Cream City Review PS501 C91 stacks - 7th floor
Denver Quarterly PN2 D41 Current Periodicals Room
Drumvoices Revue PS591 D79 stacks - 7th floor
Ecopoetics PS509 N3 E26 stacks - 7th floor
Ecotone PS374 S45 E25 stacks - 7th floor
Epoch AP2 E63 Current Periodicals Room
Fence PS 1 F46 Current Periodicals Room
Fiction PN6010.5 F44++ stacks - 6th floor
Fiction International PN3311 F44 stacks - 6th floor
Field PN1010 F45 Current Periodicals Room
Five Points PS536.2 F59 stacks - 7th floor
Florida Review PS615 F62 stacks - 7th floor
The Formalist PS615 F72 stacks - 7th floor
Georgia Review AP2 G35+ Current Periodicals Room
Gettysburg Review PS1 G39 Current Periodicals Room
Glimmer Train Stories PS501 G55 stacks - 7th floor
Greensboro Review AP2 G804 stacks - Level B
Gulf Coast PS508.C6 G8 stacks - 7th floor
Hambone PS508 N3 H19 stacks - 7th floor
Hanging Loose AP2 H23 stacks - Level B
Harper's AP2 H29+ Current Periodicals Room
Harvard Review  * PN 2 H33 Current Periodicals Room
Hawaii Review PS571 H3 H38 stacks - 7th floor
Hiram Poetry Review PN1010 H66 stacks - 7th floor
Hollins Critic PN2 H74 stacks - 7th floor
The Hopkins Review online only Project MUSE
Hotel Amerika PS501 H68 + stacks - 7th floor
Hudson Review  * AP2 H88 Current Periodicals Room
Iowa Review  * PN2 I64 stacks - 6th floor
Jelly Bucket PS536.3 J45 stacks - 7th floor
The Journal (Ohio State) PS501 J84 stacks - 7th floor
Jubliat PS617 J83 stacks - 7th floor
Kenyon Review  * AP2 K37 Current Periodicals Room
Line (formerly West Coast Line) AP2 W395 stacks - Level B
LIT PS501 L58 Current Periodicals Room
Literary Review AP2 L773 stacks - Level B
Little Star on order for Olin pending
Lyric PS580 L97 stacks - 7th floor
Manhattan Review PN1010 M36 stacks - 6th floor
Mantis PN1010 M368 stacks - 6th floor
Massachusetts Review  *, † AP2 M406 Current Periodicals Room
McSweeney's PS642 T56 stacks - 7th floor
Measure PS617 M43 stacks - 7th floor
Meridian PN6014 M475 stacks - 6th floor
Michigan Quarterly Review AP2 M616 Current Periodicals Room
Mid-American Review PS501 M62 stacks - 7th floor
Midwest Quarterly AP2 M625 Current Periodicals Room
Minnesota Review AP2 M66 Current Periodicals Room
Mississippi Review PS501 M67 Current Periodicals Room
Missouri Review PS1 M67 Current Periodicals Room
Mudfish PN1010 M94 stacks - 6th floor
New American Writing PS580 N53 stacks - 7th floor
New Criterion NX503 N53+ Current Periodicals Room
New England Review  *, † PN2 N524 Current Periodicals Room
New Letters AP2 U58+ Current Periodicals Room
New Orleans Review AP2 .N552 + stacks - Level B
New York Quarterly PS 301 N53 stacks - 7th floor
New Yorker AP2 N569+ Current Periodicals Room
Nimrod PN2 N72 stacks - 6th floor
Ninth Letter PS536.3 .A17 ++ stacks - 7th floor
North American Review  * AP2 N85 Current Periodicals Room
North Dakota Quarterly AP2 N854+ stacks - Level B
NOR (New Ohio Review)  PS536.3 N67 stacks - 7th floor
Northeast AP2 N862 stacks - Level B
Notre Dame Review PS536.2 N68 stacks - 7th floor
Ontario Review AP5 O58 Current Periodicals Room
Other Voices PN3311 O87 stacks - 6th floor
Paris Review AP4 P23 Current Periodicals Room
Parnassus PN1010 P25 Current Periodicals Room
Pleiades PN6010.5 P54 stacks - 6th floor
Ploughshares  *, † PS536.2 P73 Current Periodicals Room
Poet Lore PN2 P74+ stacks - 6th floor
Poetry (Chicago)  * PS301 P735 Current Periodicals Room
Poetry East PN1271 P74 stacks - 6th floor
Poetry Miscellany PS615 P764 stacks - 7th floor
Poetry Northwest PS301 P743 stacks - 7th floor
2006 onward shelved in + section
Pool PS617 P66 stacks - 7th floor
Prairie Schooner  *, † AP2 P89 Current Periodicals Room
A Public Space PS536.3 P83 Current Periodicals Room
Puerto del Sol PS580 P97 stacks - 7th floor
Pushcart Prize PS1 P98 stacks - 7th floor
Quarterly West PN2 Q54 stacks - 6th floor
Quick Fiction PS648.S5 Q85 stacks - 7th floor
Redivider PS536.3 R43 stacks - 7th floor
River Styx PS501 R62 stacks - 7th floor
Salamander PS 501 S15 stacks - 7th floor
Salmagundi  * AP2 S157 Current Periodicals Room
Salt Hill PS 1 S17 stacks - 7th floor
Seneca Review PN6010.5 S47 stacks - 6th floor
Sentence: a Journal of Prose Poetics PS593.P75 S46 stacks - 7th floor
Sewanee Review * AP2 S51 Current Periodicals Room
Shenandoah AP2 S54 Current Periodicals Room
Slant PS301 S62 stacks - 7th floor
Sou'wester PN2 S722 stacks - 6th floor
South Carolina Review PS558 S6 S72 stacks - 7th floor
South Dakota Review AP2 S713 stacks - Level B
Southern Humanities Review AP2 S715 Current Periodicals Room
Southern Poetry Review PN1010 S723 stacks - 6th floor
Southern Review AP2 S7243 stacks - Level B
Southwest Review AP2 S726 stacks - Level B
Stone Canoe NX510.N46 S76 + stacks - 6th floor
Story Quarterly PZ1 S896 stacks - 7th floor
Subtropics PN2 S838 stacks - 6th floor
Tampa Review PS580 T15+ stacks - 7th floor
Theory@buffalo PS501 T39 stacks - 7th floor
Third Coast PS1 T45 stacks - 7th floor
Threepenny Review  * AP2 T53++ Current Periodicals Room
Tin House PN6010.5 Current Periodicals Room
TriQuarterly AP2 T83 Current Periodicals Room
Verse PN1010 V56 stacks - 6th floor
Virginia Quarterly Review AP2 V81 Current Periodicals Room
Volt PS615 V65 ++ stacks - 7th floor
West Branch PN6010.5 .W47 stacks - 6th floor
West Coast Line (also see Line) PN2 W51 stacks - 6th floor
Western Humanities Review AP2 W524 stacks - Lower Level
Willow Springs PS501 W73 stacks - 7th floor
Witness PN6010.5 W82 stacks - 6th floor
Yale Review AP2 Y18 online
Zyzzyva PN2 Z91 stacks - 6th floor
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